Wednesday, 15 September 2010

SBH - Duchess of Cheddar's Own Fusiliers

Duchess  of  Cheddar’s  Own  Fusiliers

The disciplined rodents of the 4th “Duchess of Cheddar’s Own” Fusiliers are called upon for all manner of ‘special’ operations. High mortality rates means there is no need for names – these lads fight hard and die young in the service of Cheddar. The figures are 10mm Pendraken miniatures from the League of Ratsburg range but I use them for 28mm games – they are rats after all.

Battle honours
Opponent                     victories           losses
Orcs                                1                      0
Total                                1                      0

Personalities:    98        (33%)
Warriors:          200       (67%)
Total:               298       (100%)

Points: 55         Q:2+     C:2
Special rules: leader, short move

Points: 43         Q:2+     C:1
Special rules: leader, short move

Fusiliers (x10)
Points: 20         Q:5+     C:2
Special rules: gregarious, shooter: long, short move

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