Thursday, 26 March 2015

The Xebec Zenobie

A little while ago the lure of doing some Barbary corsairs for Galleys & Galleons grew far too strong and I succumbed, ordering some Mediterranean galleys from Skytrex. However, the vessel type which I really wanted in my little fleet of corsairs was a xebec, a sexy wee lateen rigged thing with curves in all the right places.

As I have posted before (HERE and then HERE) I ended up ordering a schooner from Peter Pig and sat down with some blue tac and some spare galley sails to create this:

She wasn't yet a beauty, but you could already see the ship she might grow up to be. Well I could anyway. Not entirely happy with the way she was going, I shipped her off to my mate JB who whipped her into shape.

Now she was starting to look pretty fine, She certainly turn  heads wherever she went and I was pretty pleased with the outcome (understatement).

I finally got her painted up last week. While I'm happy with the final product, I freely admit that sails are, in fact, a punishment from the gods. I'm not really comfortable painting them, and I think they know it. Never-the-less, without further adieu, allow me to present the xebec, Zenobie.

In G&G game terms, she is effectively a mid-priced, swift, coastal raiding ship:

The Xebec Zenobie, 50 points
Q3 C2
Special Rules: Lateen rigged, Razée, Shallow draft, Swashbucklers, Sweeps

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Galleys & Galleons - but I need a better camera

Three of us got together this weekend for a couple of three player Galleys & Galleons games. I'm really pleased with how robust the rules are proving to be and much anguish and laughter was enjoyed (in equal measure) by all involved. Both games had 600 points worth of models on the table - the recommended game size is 400 points total - and took between an hour and a half or two hours. All photos are mediocre to say the least.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

The Workshop of Yoyoskywalker

I just wanted to draw everyone's attention to the fine work of YoyoSkywalker, AKA Lionel. He has a great blog which does well to remind all us Anglophones that the world of wargaming is larger than just the UK, North America and the ANZACs.

Lionel's been playing some Irregular Wars in a Central American setting with his own Zapotecs mixing it up against Conquistadors and other Mesoamericans. Check his blog out HERE.

In addition, he's also prepared a French translation of the Irregular Wars 2nd edition quick reference sheets. If you're more comfortable with French than English, I'd advise you to pop over and download a copy when he gets it posted!

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

VOC Merchant Fleet

I finally got a chance to paint the last of my 200 point Dutch fleet for Galleys & Galleons this morning (blessed be St Patrick and his most public of holidays). I've had the first four ships waiting around for what seems like an age now, but here they are all together: a merchant fleet in the employment of the VOC - the Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (United East Inida Company).