Thursday, 14 April 2016

OGAM - Atalanta the Huntress

"This Atalanta was exposed by her father, because he desired male children; and a she-bear came often and gave her suck, till hunters found her and brought her up among themselves. Grown to womanhood, Atalanta kept herself a virgin, and hunting in the wilderness she remained always under arms."
Pseudo-Apollodorus, Bibliotheca 3. 9. 2

As well as the dryads in the previous post, I also recently ordered a Shadowforge 'Amazonia' gladiator. It would appear that I have a bit of a female archer fetish for my OGAM force, as along with this athletic lady, I have Artemis as one of my gods, a female centaur archer legend, and plan on getting a unit of Amazon archers when I find models with the right Skythian look.

I thought I would use this figure for Atalanta, the Arkadian princess, huntress, and occasional Argonaught. Exposed by her father at birth, she was suckled by a she-bear before being found and raised by hunters. She sailed on the Argo with Jason, defeated Achilles' father in a wrestling match, was the first to wound the Kalydonian Boar, and only agreed to marry a man who could beat her in a race. All in all, a tough little cookie. I will use her as a Legend in Of Gods and Mortals:

Atalanta (90 points)

Q3 C3
Forester, Free Disengage, Shooter (Long), Good Shot

As a huntress, I wanted to give her a pretty muted look, keeping the pallet restricted to browns, accentuated by white for her diadem and trappings. Not a bad wee figure, for all that she is a fairly simple sculpt. The painted up quite nicely and, if I do say so myself, the camera does not really do her much justice.

OGAM dryads - NSFW

... you know, it's amazing how many more hits a post generates if it has those four letters in it - NSFW. The internet, eh?

Dryad by Devi-Eurynome

So, with only a little further-ado, here are the latest additions to my Of Gods and Mortals forces, a unit of four dryads. Dryads count as mortal units in the game, and are, on the face of it, rather rubbish. With a combat factor of 1, they can expect to be beaten up by most other mortals, not to mention legends or gods. 

But, and it is a shapely but, these leaf-clad lovelies suffer no penalties in wooded terrain and are also pretty cheap. I have found in my previous games that I do not to use my mortal units very much. I previously only had two - hypaspists and satyr archers - and they tend to just sit around invoking most of the time, either to grant my god more power, or to bring the god back after they have taken a smiting.

At only 40 points for the unit (out of the recommended 900 point budget), I figured I might like to try some dryads out. They can just be popped on the table, in a wood out of the way somewhere, and invoke to their heart's content, freeing up my more combat-capable mortals to fight.

The models are all from Shadowforge. I already had the one second from the left, which was painted up about five or six years ago. The other three are a recent purchase, painted up this week. I don't think the older paint job stands out too much. From a distance, the flock colours are (for me) the biggest difference. On closer inspection, it's clear that the single model was painted as a character and has a bit more care taken with highlighting etc, but on the whole I think they work well as a unit.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Pansies vs stunties on the high seas!

Zac and Dan have posted another playtest game of the fantasy expansion for Galleys & Galleons over at Pile of Dice. Can steam-powered ironclads crush the swift elves, or will the seabed be littered with bearded corpses? Click HERE to find out how they got on in the grudge match of the ages, elves verses dwarves

Irregular Wars Hollanders vs Portuguese

Doc Phalanx has just posted a nice little AAR of his most recent Irregular Wars game, pitching the brave Hollanders against the tricksy Portuguese. Find out how he got on HERE.