Four Against Ragnarök

Four Against Ragnarök (published 2019) is a pen and paper adventure game designed for solitaire or RPG-lite co-operative games. Set against the backdrop of Midgard (Scandinavia and the North Sea) during a time of myths and legends, players control a band of heroes seeking to make a name for themselves as they die well, or die trying.

Like it;s sister volume, Four Against the TitansFour Against Ragnarök is based on the highly acclaimed Four Against Darkness series of dungeon delving adventures by Andrea Sfiligoi. Four Against Ragnarök is a standalone game. You don't require any other rule sets to play this game. All you need is a pencil, two dice, this book, and the luck of the gods!

All blog posts relating to the rules can be found HERE.

Four Against Ragnarök is av
ailable from Lulu in book form as a hardback or softback, or as a digital pdf download. It is also available as a pdf direct from Ganesha Games, or on the Ganesha Gumroad store. 

Soon to be available on Wargames Vault and Amazon too!