Sunday, 10 February 2013

15mm Greco-Roman civilians - scale comparisons

With the strong winds and very Wintery weather we have been experiencing lately on site, I have been too tired of an evening to make much progress on Antiocheia Mikros. Hopefully, I will get a couple of hours this afternoon when the wee lad has a nap to get cutting and gluing. For now I thought that it might be useful to post a couple of shots comparing different companies' take on Greco-Roman civilians.

My itty-bitty city will be populated by passive civilians who are activated by certain triggers to either run away or stand up to injustice with a bit of mob violence. I knew that I wanted a dozen or so to be placed around the table and went on a wee bit of a civilain hunt/glut. I now have more than 50... and have had to impose a self regulating monthly budget to stop the rapidly growing lead pile.

Here are just a few of them:
Figures of authority from left to right - Xyston Seleukid officer, Xyston Rabbi, Donnington New Era Roman in Toga, Corvus Belli Roman engineer and a  Lurkio Moorish skirmisher. I bought a couple of small two figure packs from Lurkio (a great idea) as a test and was pleasantly surprised by how good their service was. However, the figures, although lovely sculpts, are a bit slender and short compared to the likes of Xyston and Donnington, closer to Corvus Belli. I'm happy to use the Lurkio figure as an Arab youth.

Women from left to right - two Donnington New Era Classical women, Donnington Old Era escaped slave woman, three Xyston Greek women. The Donnington New Era women are a bit heftier than I'd like, but then the fairer sex do come in all sizes. The Donnington Old Era slave woman with spear (pictured) is a much nicer sculpt than the slave woman with club (not picture) although both will be used.

Youths from left to right - Corvus Belli Roman engineer (again, quite slight compared to Xyston and Donnington adults), Lurkio Moorish slinger, the Lurkio skirmisher again, Xyston youth with club and two Xyston children.

I will do a similar post for 15mm Gladiators as soon as the two American orders arrive. Of course, I'll post shots of the rest of the civilians as they are painted but I need a sunny day when I'm off work to get all the undercoating done and to make a start on painting some buildings.

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