Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Zeno - A portrait of a SSD militiaman

Zeno is your typical  militiaman from a game of Song of Shadows and Dust.

Zeno (Antiochene militiaman)
39 points
Special Rules
Armed, Bludgeon, Steadfast

Born and raised in Antioch at the dawn of the first century BC, he is proudly descended from Macedonians ... at least on his father's side. That his mother's father's family come from stock indigenous to Koile Syria is a fact seldom raised in Zeno's presence. Despite his august ancestry, Zeno's family have fallen on bad times of late and, when his father's sausage factory burnt down, he decided to find his own way in the world.

Convinced that there was no greater cause that the protection of one's metropolis, Zeno decided to join the Antiochene Civic Militia. He had originally through to sign up as a regular phalangite in one of the royal armies, or even apply for the elite agyraspides, but certain past indiscretions with the recruiting sergeant's daughter meant that such an avenue was blocked.

Despite only being required to walk the beat a few days a week, his martial training (however limited) and new contacts in the civic administration have instantly improved young Zeno's standing in the poor and middling quarters of the city. On the up, he hopes one day to lead one of the watches of the city.

Zeno is a 15mm Xyston figure from their Seleukid range. He is the first member of my militia faction for SSD. The shield is hand-painted (obviously) and displays the Seleukid anchor, a symbol of the dynasty but also of permanence and security. It has been inspired by James White's excellent work in 28mm which can be seen here.


  1. Nice figure well painted.Are we going to read of Zeno's faction in action soon?
    best wishes

    1. I sure hope so. I am running way behind in posting promised AARs, but these boys should see action again soon.