Monday, 1 December 2014

Irregular Wars: Conflict at the World's End - 2nd Edition is now available!

These fast play wargaming rules recreate the smaller actions so common at the fringes of the European world: Britain, Ireland, colonial and native forces in the New World, the East Indies and the Eurasian steppe.

Now in its 2nd edition, the 90 page rule book includes scenarios, a campaign system and 48 army lists.

The rules are available as a softcover book through Amazon (UK, USA, EU, etc) or Createspace Direct, or as a pdf through the Vexillia Ltd web store or Wargames Vault where you can also download free sample pages and army lists.

Use the contact form in the side bar to enquire about bespoke chance cards designed to be used with the game.

Sample pages are shown below. You can find all previous blog posts relating to Irregular Wars here.


  1. The army lists look really interesting - I am waiting the delivery of the rules and chance cards with eager anticipation!

  2. I have received the upgrade and, wow man!! A great improve of this rulebook.

    1. Thanks Ivan! Glad you like the changes.

  3. I recently bought these rules and am very impressed, despite not yet having played a game.
    The formal European battles of pike and shot always left me rather cold, what with the massacres, religious hatred, bad war and ensuing famines.
    The age of exploration, while no less grizzly, brings in a host of fascinating and different forces and cultures, and the smaller scale of the battles make the game far more accessible.

    I have a couple of rules where I'd welcome clarification.
    I'm also struggling to find suitable ranges of figures to model some of the armies.
    Figures will certainly be adapted and improvised to fill out the lists.

    Do you have an FAQ page? or a preferred forum where issues like this are discussed?
    I'd like to tap into the experience of other players who've got on-board.

    Finally, congratulations on an attractive, accessible and well indexed blog.
    It's a great place to visit, and a fine shop window for your rules.

    1. Thanks for your kind words Stephen. :)

      Always happy to answer questions put to me directly. However, probably the best place for a dialogue on the rules would be over on the Lead Adventures Forum which I visit a few times a week, and where I know there are other members who play the game.

  4. I have played your rules for several years now, and thoroughly enjoy them. I have even gone so far as to make a "travel set" using various 2d mousepad terrain and army counters on 50mm square bases from Litko with images from the Junior General and Geoff Curran's "English Civil War Wargame Counters." A perfect afternoon diversion for me on vacation at the beach with the wife and kids playing in the surf. I especially like how the rules and army lists allow shot, pike, artillery and cavalry to perform appropriately without a huge rules overhead, and also demonstrate how a small number of Europeans could normally defeat a significantly larger force of 'Natives' while providing the latter with a very legitimate chance to prevail.

    The rules themselves mention an 'Colonial English' army list, and I cannot find this list anywhere. Since my family has been in Virginia since almost 1607, I relish an opportunity to set up a contest between my ancestors and my wife's 'Woodland Indians.' Actually, she has more ancestors on the 'Colonial English' side, but where is the fun in that? Therefore, does a 'Colonial English' army list actually exist, and, if so, may I have a copy of the same?

    Thanks in advance for your reply, and keep up the good work!

    Charles E. Adams

    1. Hi Charles,

      Thanks so much for the positive comments. They are great to hear. I am afraid that any reference to Colonial English is a legacy of the older army lists. In the 2nd edition, the Colonial English were renamed 'English Adventurers', p.42.



  5. Thanks for your reply. Keep up the good work!