Sunday 25 January 2015

1/450 Xebec update

They say you can judge a man by his friends. If that's right, I must be just awesome. JB is one of my mates recently met through wargaming and, in all sincerity, you really couldn't meet a nicer guy. He's been exceptionally helpful in the tesing of G&G (as he was with SSD and IW2) and never shies away from making constructive suggestions. He also happens to be pretty skilled with green stuff and plasticard. 

Using the basic material that I left with him (schooner hull from Peter Pig, two galley masts from Skytrex and an mdf base from Tiny Tin Troops), he has gone ahead and created a lovely wee xebec. You can see my Frankenstein of an attempt here. JB's approach has created a ship which is graceful, curvy and full of spirit. Just the way she should be, only better. Can you tell I'm thrilled? He even built little 1/450 scale steps!

For all those land lubbers out there, this is an engraving of a Spanish xebec from 1826 to give you a fair idea of what he has created.

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