Friday, 20 November 2015

Mare Nostrum - Romans for Galleys and Galleons

To my great shame, this nice little fleet has been sitting, undercoated, on the shelf for too long. So this week it got a lick of paint and it's now ready to go toe-to-toe with Cathaginians, Syracusans, pirates or any other maritime monsters my opponents wish to send against me.

All models are beautifully crisp 1/1200 scale vessels from Langton Miniatures. There are three triremes (lower left), two quadremes (lower right), three quinqueremes (centre, two with corvus and one as a command vessel) and two merchants (rear).

The eight war galleys make up a fleet totaling just under 400 points in Galleys & Galleons, ideal for a quick game of ram-or-be-rammed. The merchants only come in at about 4 points each and are there for scenarios rather than to serve as active warships.

A free roster of ancient profiles for Galleys & Galleons is available from the Ganesha Games website, HERE. If space allows, they will also be included in the forthcoming Foul Winds supplement.

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