Tuesday 26 January 2016

The quest for 6mm mounted crossbowmen...

My newly completed 6mm 15th century project has prompted me to start thinking about the next step. I have some other bits and pieces that need doing first, but I've a mind to build a 15th century Low Countries, Scandinavian or German army.

The thing is - and there is always a 'thing' - Baccus don't do mounted crossbowmen who will certainly feature in the next project. I know that both Irregular and Heroics and Ros do produce them, but I'm not really convinced that I want to mix the styles in the one army and I already have lots of unpainted Baccus stuff to get me going.

As a trial run, I've begun playing around with the first of several conversion ideas to see how they work. These four chaps are Baccus light cavalry with their spears cut off at the hand. The off-cut was then reduced in length again by almost a half, bent slightly, and glued back on the hand as the arms of the crossbow. 

Once I order a pack of foot crossbowmen I will also play around with cutting off the rider at the waist and sticking on half a regular crossbowman, but the effect of this quick and easy fix is not so bad I think. We'll know more once they are painted.

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