Tuesday 22 March 2016

Further progress with mounted crossbowmen.

I have previously posted about the lamentable lack of 6mm mounted crossbowmen that are compatible with Baccus figures. Having already converted the spears of some light cavalrymen into something resembling crossbows, I have finally gotten around to sticking bisected foot crossbowman torsos onto the equally bisected horses and legs of cavalrymen. 

Here is the result which I think, mixed together with the other mock ups, will do the job quite nicely.

Out of interest, I found a rather informative wee blog post at Je Lay Emprins which explores the uses of mounted crossbowmen in the late Medieval period."Could crossbowmen have fought effectively from horseback? My view is most probably they could. Crossbows were widely used for hunting on horseback and are shown as such in illustrations throughout the medieval period; however on the battlefield loading the bow swiftly, whilst remaining on the horse was essential. Following the widespread introduction of the cranequin from circa 1460, this scenario appears to have been more realistic."
The full post is well worth checking out.

Now, about those Finnish reindeer archers...

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