Tuesday 2 August 2016

3rd Cú Chulainn Cup - the results.

This year's Northern Irish Song of Blades and Heroes competition day - The Cú Chulainn Cup - was held over the weekend. I can't believe this is the 3rd year we've run the day at Wee Gamers, in Whitehead Co. Antrim. The time has gone by so quickly, and the number of participants has snowballed. 

This year we had 14 players, plus myself acting as referee and MC. We played five rounds in the day, meaning 35 games were played in a space of 6 hours. Not bad going. There were nine tables set up, each with their own scenarios.

Warbands were all built to 300 points with the normal restrictions on personalities. Further guidelines can be found HERE. Below are (not very good) photos of each, along with the warband list in the plain text format used by the warband builder software.

Chris F.
;The Monsters
The Wolfman;72;3;4;false;Forester,Long Move,Savage;;
Frankenstein's Monster;39;4;5;false;Big,Savage,Slow;;
Creature from the Black Lagoon;52;3;3;false;Amphibious,Poison,Shooter: Short,Stealth;;
The Mummy;29;4;4;false;Greedy,Savage,Slow,Undead;;
Dracula's slave;12;4;2;false;Slow,Undead;;
Dracula's slave;12;4;2;false;Slow,Undead 

Hoqirhans Bounty Hunters
Hoqirhan Cibeus ;60;3;3;true;Leader;file:./warband_images/image.jpeg;
Talib the Magnificent ;40;3;1;true;Magic-User;;
Mahjub the Thief ;26;3;2;false;Stealth;;
Mashur the Famous ;40;3;4;false;Heavy Armor,Short Move;;
Fakhr al Din ;30;3;3;false;;
Abdul Aziz;30;3;3;false;;
The Infantry man known as "Steve" ;30;3;3;false;;
Nusrah the Archer ;44;3;3;false;Shooter: Long;;

;The Bifröst Butchers
Magnus the Black;63;4;3;true;Fearless,Free Disengage,Heavy Armor,Leader,Savage;;
Macha;35;4;3;false;Good Shot,Shooter: Long,Slow,Unerring Aim;;
Black Shuck;76;3;5;false;Animal,Big,Free Disengage,Long Move;;
The Woodsman;42;3;3;false;Fearless,Savage;;

;Khalekh-sil's harem
Khalekh-sil - Dark Elf Beastmaster;88;2;4;true;Beastmaster,Magic Resistance,Shooter: Short;;

;Set's Desert Storm Warriors
Rubatitti: Priest of Set;36;3;1;true;Magic-User,Slow,Undead;;
Priest's Guard;30;3;3;false;;
Priest's Guard;30;3;3;false;;
Set: god of the desert storm;68;2;4;false;Big,Knight,Savage;;
Ramases II;56;3;3;false;Good Shot,Shooter: Long,Unerring Aim;;
Sherden Guard;40;3;4;false;;
Sherden Guard;40;3;4;false;;

;Tim the Enchanter and the Unholy Grailers
Tim the Enchanter;63;2;2;true;Enchanter;;
Rabbit of Caerbannog;66;3;4;false;Animal,Flying,Savage,Stealth;;
The Black Knight;58;2;4;false;Dashing;;
The Green Knight;40;3;4;false;;
Knight Who Says Ni;20;3;2;false;;
Knight Who Says Ni;20;3;2;false;;
Froggie Footman #1;33;4;3;false;Shooter: Long;;

Zombie Assassin;96;3;3;true;Assassin,Good Shot,Reckless,Shooter: Long,Short Move,Undead,Unerring Aim;;
Zombie (weapon);26;3;4;false;Greedy,Short Move,Slow,Undead;;
Zombie (weapon);26;3;4;false;Greedy,Short Move,Slow,Undead;;
Zombie (weapon);26;3;4;false;Greedy,Short Move,Slow,Undead;;
Zombie (weapon);26;3;4;false;Greedy,Short Move,Slow,Undead;;
Zombie (weapon);26;3;4;false;Greedy,Short Move,Slow,Undead;;
Zombie (weapon);26;3;4;false;Greedy,Short Move,Slow,Undead;;
Zombie (unarmed);16;3;3;false;Greedy,Short Move,Slow,Undead;;
Zombie (unarmed);16;3;3;false;Greedy,Short Move,Slow,Undead;;
Zombie (unarmed);16;3;3;false;Greedy,Short Move,Slow,Undead;;

Andrew C. 
;The fellowship
Legolas;50;3;3;false;Forester,Shooter: Long;;
Gimili;40;3;4;false;Lethal,Short Move;;
Frodo;23;4;3;false;Short Move,Stealth;;
Sam;18;4;3;false;Short Move;;
Merry;18;4;3;false;Short Move;;
Pippin;18;4;3;false;Short Move;;

Firerat;46;3;3;false;Sharpshooter,Shooter: Medium;;

Andrew T.
;Baron's Jungle Posse
Baron Silverfish;68;3;3;true;Leader,Shooter: Medium;;
Fluffy the Gorilla;59;4;4;false;Acrobat,Animal,Big,Forester,Long Move,Savage;;
Curly the Apeman;36;4;3;false;Acrobat,Forester,Savage;;
Moe the Apeman;36;4;3;false;Acrobat,Forester,Savage;;
Larry the Apeman;36;4;3;false;Acrobat,Forester,Savage;;
Annoying Monkey;18;5;1;false;Acrobat,Animal,Forester,Long Move;;
Jane the Monkey Whisperer;45;4;2;false;Forester,Good Shot,Poison,Sharpshooter,Shooter: Long;;

;Witch Hunters
Captain Head;56;3;2;true;Leader,Lethal;;
Have-at-ye Montague;42;3;3;true;Group Fighter,Lethal;;
Crossbow McCrossan;50;3;3;false;Shooter: Long,Unerring Aim;;
Two Pistol Pete;42;3;3;false;Sharpshooter,Shooter: Short;;
Killshot Kelly;34;3;3;false;Shooter: Short;;
Chopper Harris;36;3;3;false;Savage;;
Fat Lad;36;3;3;false;Heavy Armor;;

Chris McC. 
;Those Who Crawl
Skirmisher;46;3;3;false;Amphibious,Shooter: Short,Tailslap;;
Skirmisher;46;3;3;false;Amphibious,Shooter: Short,Tailslap;;

;Scorched Bones
Skeleton Hero;72;3;4;true;Heavy Armor,Hero,Slow,Undead;;
Skeleton Rider;63;4;5;false;Long Move,Mounted,Savage,Slow,Undead;;
Skeleton Archer;46;3;3;false;Good Shot,Shooter: Long,Slow,Undead;;
Skeleton Archer;46;3;3;false;Good Shot,Shooter: Long,Slow,Undead;;
Skeleton Warrior;26;3;3;false;Slow,Undead;;
Skeleton Warrior;26;3;3;false;Slow,Undead;;
Skeleton Worker;9;4;2;false;Greedy,Slow,Undead;;
Skeleton Worker;9;4;2;false;Greedy,Slow,Undead;;

;The Sea Bitch Crew
Captian;65;4;4;true;Fearless,Greedy,Hero,Savage,Shooter: Medium;;
First Mate;54;3;3;false;Fearless,Free Disengage,Greedy,Savage,Shooter: Short,Stealth;;
Elf;52;3;3;false;Good Shot,Greedy,Shooter: Long,Stealth;;
Dwarf;52;3;4;false;Good Shot,Greedy,Savage,Shooter: Medium,Slow,Stealth;;
Monkey;27;4;3;false;Animal,Clinging,Greedy,Shooter: Short,Stealth;;


TABLE 1    The Titanbane Quest
Three counters are placed on the table marking possible locations of a magical weapon known as Titanbane. When a model comes into contact with a counter they may spend 1 action to search the area. Flip the counter over and compare the number with the possible ‘finds’ below.
      I.            The model has found Titanbane, a magical weapon of great craftsmanship. A model must spend 2 actions to pick up Titanbane. Any model holding Titanbane may give it to an adjacent model by spending 1 action. If a model carrying Titanbane is killed, another figure may pick it up from the dead model’s body by spending 2 actions.
The wielder of Titanbane is granted the Combat Master, Giant Slayer, Group Fighter and Fearless special rules.
   II.            Face your Fear! The model is forced to face their worst fears. Take a Q test on three dice. For every failure, the model must make a morale check (Q test on three dice).
III.            Nothing but footprints in the dust, fingerprints in time… Lost in thought, the model may make no further actions this turn.

Victory conditions: 1 victory point per 25 points of defeated opponents (killed or routed off the table), plus 5 victory points for holding Titanbane at the end of the game.

TABLE 2    A Place of Power
The rival warbands have found a stone circle ripe with mystical energies and will now fight to possess it.
Magic-using models (including all magic users, magic using subtypes and clerics) standing within the perimeter of stones gain +1 on all their Quality rolls, including Morale rolls, and cannot run out of magic power until the end of the game so long as they continue to stand within the stone circle.

Victory conditions: 1 victory point per 25 points of defeated opponents, plus 3 victory points for every magic-using model standing on the Place of Power terrain at the end of the game.

The rival warbands engage in an all-out battle for control of the backstreets of suburban Beeranburger. Here they will each attempt to eliminate their rival’s leader in their quest for ascendancy.
Victory conditions: 1 victory point per 25 points of defeated opponents, plus 5 victory points for killing (or routing) the personality in the opposing warband with the highest points value.

TABLE 4    Doom-Chasm Caverns
The rival warbands engage in an all-out battle to the death (or for 45 minutes, whichever happens first). However, they happen to have met while exploring the Doom-Chasm Caverns, a seemingly bottomless cave system where movement is restricted to platforms connected by walkways.
Any model that falls on a walkway must pass a Q check on one die or will fall of the edge into a chasm. Any model forced to recoil over any edge of a platform or walkway will likewise fall into the chasm. All models who fall into the chasm are removed from play and count as defeated opponents for the purpose of victory points.

Victory conditions: 1 victory point per 20 points of defeated opponents.

The rival warbands encounter each other in somewhat misrepresented ‘lakeside holiday retreat’ of Ballybogside. Here they engage in an all-out battle to the death (or for 45 minutes, whichever happens first).
Any model who falls while adjacent to the edge of a walkway or platform must pass a Q check on one die or will fall into the swamp, as will any model forced to recoil off a walkway or platform.
While in the swamp, models become Slow and have a Short Move unless they are amphibious or swamp walkers, in which case they may move normally.
It costs two actions to climb out of the swamp back onto an adjacent walkway/platform except where there is a ramp.
Victory conditions: 1 victory point per 20 points of defeated opponents.

While out hunting for truffles, the rival warbands have stumbles upon a clearing in the woods with a nice wee stream.
The first time any model falls (not a kill), whether in melee or because of shooting, both warbands watch in horror as the Watcher launches itself from the water, grabs the fallen model and drags it back helpless to its murky lair.
The model is lost (the opposing player will get no victory points for its demise kill) and all remaining models on the table must take an immediate morale test (starting with the player whose model was dragged away).
Victory conditions: 1 victory point per 20 points of defeated opponents.

Hoping to find something worth lifting, the warbands have stumbled upon the ruins of an old mining village. Have a look around and see what you can find.
Three markers, worth 1, 2 and 3 victory points each are located on the table. The problem is, the warbands don’t know which is worth what.
Any model may pick up a piece of loot by standing next to it and spending an action. Take the loot marker off the table but do not turn it over. Any model who picks up a piece of loot and then flips the marker over to reveal its value will lose the marker and see their model suffer an instant gruesome death.
The model may then remain on the table to carry on fighting, or leave the table via their own table edge.
Victory conditions: 1 victory point per 50 points of defeated opponents, plus the marked value (1, 2 or 3) for each piece of loot held by a member of the warband or carried off the table. -1 victory point for each member of the warband who voluntarily left the table.

Having just escaped from slave pens and assembled at the designated area, the defending warband deploys in the animal pen in the corner of the castle square. Their aim is to escape through the castle gate which has carelessly been left open.
The attacker divides their warband as evenly as possible (model number rather than points cost) between the other three corners, deploying within 1x Long of the corner itself.
Any model may choose to drop from any wall at the cost of 1 action. They must take a Q test when they land on one die if the drop was less than 1x Short, two dice if the drop was up to 1x Medium, or three dice if further than 1x Medium. If all dice rolls are successful, the model has landed on their feet. If one die fails, the model has survived the drop but falls over. If two or more failures are rolled, the model has landed badly and is removed from play. Acrobats receive a +1 modifier to this roll.
Victory conditions:
Attacker     1 victory point per 25 points of defeated opponents (including any figures killed by a fall).

Defender    1 victory point per 25 points worth of their own models that have left the table on the far side of the castle wall.

TABLE 9    Rum RustlerS
Hearing word of an abandoned merchant galleon drifting along the coast, rival warbands have chartered swift ships to clamber on board in their search for loot. Little did they know the nature of the booty they were to find on board the Captain Morgan’s Revenge
Warbands must be deployed in one of the two smaller vessels on the table. Three counters are placed on the larger vessel marking the location barrels of rum.
Models can drop over the side of a vessel into the sea at the cost of one action. Whilst in the water, non-amphibious models require two actions to swim 1x Short distance. It costs two actions to climb from the water, up the side of a vessel.
When any living model (not Undead or Artificial) comes into contact with a barrel, they must immediately make a Q check on three dice. If they fail on two or three dice, they have been unable to resist having a tipple of the Captain’s special rum. For the remainder of the game, they will suffer a -1 modifier to all activation rolls.
Any model may spend one action to lift a barrel. Whilst held, a barrel causes the model to have the Short Move special rule. If they manage to carry a barrel to the edge of the Captain nearest their ow ship, they may spend one action to drop it over the side.
A model standing at the helm of their own ship may spend two actions to order the non-combatant crew to host the barrel out of the sea.
Victory conditions: 1 victory point per 30 points of defeated opponents (killed or routed off the table), plus 2 victory points for each barrel retrieved from the sea at the end of the game.


It was a great group for the day (although a little light on gender equality...). Most of us get frequent or occasional games at Wee Gamers, though there were at least three other gaming groups represented as well, and a complete newcomer to the club which was a welcome surprise. Many of the players already knew the SBH system, but there were also complete newcomers. By the end of the first round, however, everyone was more or less on the level.

First prize went to Mike with his zombies. The 'gentlemanly conduct' (aka sportsmanship) award went to Jim, while the 'best warband' by popular acclaim went to Chris McC's Those Who Crawl warband of lizards and crocodiles in hats.

My thanks to everyone who took part and look forward to seeing you all again next year!


  1. Wow! The terrain and scenarios look fantastic. Well done! Pity it takes place on the other side of the world.... :)

  2. Holy cow. My paper minis suddenly feel completely inadequate.

  3. Well done! Looks like a blast. And it looks like you've illustrated what SoBH is all about with the varied warbands and terrain tables.
    I, and a few gaming buddies, are based in Scotland - not too far for an outing across the water. I feel a plan coming together for next year...

  4. Please do! The more the merrier Jimboba!