Monday 19 December 2016

Dawn of Man - Enter the Cavie

Having only recently received my first order from Flytrap Factory, I forged ahead over the last week and painted up my first tribe of prehistoric hunters. Here they are on the glacial landscape of Black Mountain, ready to follow the migrating herds and hunt some mammoth.

Bought on a whim, the tribe has already been used in some games of Tusk, and will certainly see use as a Song of Blades and Heroes warband, supported by a mammoth no doubt. Also, because I am an inveterated dabbler and tinkerer, I have started to play around with co-operative hunting rules of my own...

I decided that this chap was clearly the head honcho. After all, he's shown explaining some notion to his tribe and he is wearing a tiger skin...

This grizzled cavie makes a good second. The sculptor was clearly channeling both Ernest Hemingway and my father when he created this chap.

The fire-bearer started life as another spearman, but after a little chopping and some flame sculpting by my mate Jim, he now has the dubious honour of being keeper of the flame. If nothing else, this chap shows that I have no clever solution to painting fire.

The unimpressed looking cavie (above) and the hipster cavie (below) got the blonde treatment. I kept all of them in the blonde-red-auburn spectrum to show their adaptation to the sunless tracts of the north. Recent studies have suggested that the red hair gene can be linked to neanderthals, so I felt it worked with these little hominids of uncertain species too. 

Finally, the first six fire/burnt markers are now done. I am working on another six and so far my experiences tell me I shouldn't need more. 


  1. Great stuff! I really like the cartoony style of the miniatures.

  2. They look superb and so cute!