Wednesday 20 September 2017

Slowly, the Minoan camp comes together

This is just a quick work-in-progress shot of the elements of my Minoan camp that I have so far. I am still waiting on my Rapier order (not the first time I've written that!), so I have just been working off what I have already had floating around in my bits box. Some thoughts, and the first phase of the camp creation was posted HERE.

I have tried to stick to my chosen colour themes of blue, yellow and white, and have repeated a couple of motifs (the wave and the double axe) to try to bring the disparate bits and pieces together. The double axe (labrys) was probably a religious symbol on Bronze Age Crete, as it later remained throughout the Greek world, Anatolia, parts of the Middle East and Rome. I have a neat little 6mm barbarian wearing a loin cloth and holding a double axe from Perfect Six Miniatures who will eventually be mounted in a Rapier chariot as my C-in-C.

In the meantime, here is my Myrmidon/Cycladic Islander unreliable sub-general. While the main army is blue and yellow, this command will be black and orange. All figures are Rapier: both chariots and the drivers are Mycenaean, the armoured general is a Seleukid/Perisan scythed charioteer, his companion in the other chariot is a Sea Peoples ox wagon driver. I will be using Sea Peoples for all the infantry in that little command as well.


  1. Great job and fantastic colors!

  2. Wow! Stunning work on these 6mm models/figures. I would've never thought so much detail and lovely colors could be done in this scale. Love the vessel and camp!