Monday 9 October 2017

ADG 6mm Cycladic Islanders/Myrmidons

Here is the first fifth of my L'Art de la Guerre 6mm Minoan army. This is a small command of allied Myrmidons (I am conceptualising them as Cycladic Islanders) to support my main battle line of heavy spearmen, archers and chariots. All figures are from Rapier Miniatures.

My Islander commander (embedded in an elite unit of light chariots) is based on the chariots from the  Rapier Trojan range, with a Seleukid scythed chariot driver as the general, and a Sea Peoples wagon driver as the warrior in the second chariot.

The elite medium swordsmen are all from the Rapier Sea Peoples range, a mix of swordsmen and javelineers. 

The skirmishing archers are a mix of Sea Peoples archers from the ox wagons, with helmeted archers from the Rapier Trojan range.