Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Ludi Hetairoi - The last bouts of the day

... and Edu from Hetairoi Wargames has now completed all eight bouts of his great gladiatorial rumbustification using my card and dice driven gladiator rules, Blood, Sweat and Cheers.

In case you missed it, the classic match up between the thraex Hermes and Crixus the murmillo was a real nail biter. Read about it HERE.

The final fight saw Scorpus the retiarius take on the two secutors Flamma and Astivus. The retiarius had the high ground, but would that be enough? You can find out how he got on HERE.

As for the winnings, the results speak for themselves really. All participants started with 100 sestertii and had to place bets on all matches. Delighted to have come out with a positive result; I certainly never expected to win considering I placed my bets according to which gladiator models I likes the best! The winner (or in this case, Tonijor, the runner up) gets a copy of the print and play rules courtesy of Ganesha Games.

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