Sunday, 11 March 2018

Playtesting Fireside Tales for PDEE

Without giving away too many reveals, we have been beavering away play testing the forthcoming expansion for Palaeo Diet: Eat or be Eaten. Once provisionally called 'Tales of Herc the Hero', it will be called the more open-ended Fireside Tales.

The expansion takes the form of a narrative campaign of five scenarios. There is a simple system for randomising the landscape of each game, and the first four scenarios have both primary and secondary objectives to be achieved; no two games should ever play the same way. 

There are four new beast profiles and reaction charts (bringing the total number of beast types up to ten), and two new ways for beasts to react. 

And for those who don't find life hard enough, Fireside Tales introduces optional rules for smelly hominids meaning that players will want to keep downwind of both predators and prey if they can.

1 comment:

  1. Oh man, these are great news!
    I think this weekend I´ll have a break of Shadespire and play PDEE with my kid :-)