Thursday, 17 May 2018

Fireside Tales is here!

With great pleasure and little fanfare, I'm please to say that Palaeo Diet: Fireside Tales (PDFT) has now been unleashed on the public. PDFT is a narrative campaign for Palaeo Diet: Eat or Be Eaten. Join Herc, the last of his people, as he regales a new tribe with tales of his heroic exploits, making excuses for his torn clothing, and remaining rather vague about exactly what happened to his old companions.

PDFT includes:

  • Five new scenarios with primary and secondary objectives;
  • Four new beast profiles and reaction tables;
  • New optional rules for unwashed hunters and guidelines for hunting juvenile beasts.

A copy of Palaeo Diet: Eat or Be Eaten is required to play.

So far it is only found on Ganesha's Gumroad store, but it will soon be available through all the usual avenues in pdf and paperback.


  1. Will this be available on the regular Ganesha Games website?

    1. It will be, but I am not sure when. I believe the Ganesha website is in the process of being upgraded and it won't go up there until that process is finished.

      It will, however, be available through Lulu and Amazon soon I hope.