Wednesday, 12 June 2013

15mm Irish - scale comparison

All round helpful gamer Le Coq Fou (AKA Prince Albert's Revenge on TMP) was kind enough to snap a shot of a few unpainted 15mm Irish figures showing the relative sizes of Corvs Belli and QRF figures.

From left to right: Corvus Belli Irish kern (100 Years War range); QRF Irish kern (Tudor Wars range); QRF Irish kern (Elizabeth's Irish War range); QRF Redshank (Elizabeth's Irish War range). Note that the two ranges from QRF vary in size quite a lot with the Tudor Wars figures being a tiny bit smaller than Essex, the Elizabeth's War figures being quite a bit chunkier and a couple of mm taller.

This shot of my own Irish kern shows the two QRF ranges together with Essex Irish kern. The two bases in the from show (from left to right) Essex, QRF Tudor, QRF Tudor, Essex Essex, QRF Tudor. The base slightly back and on the extreme right shows QRF Tudor, QRF Elizabeth's (with the axe), Essex. You can see just how big the Elizabeth's War figure is in comparison.

 Note that Irish costume, especially out side of the Pale, seems to have changed little between the Norman conquest and the 17th century. If you are looking to field an Irish battle for the 16th century, there is no need to limit yourself to Tudor period ranges for your kern! As an aside, if I did this army again (which I plan on getting around to in the future, I'd choose a more muted colour pallet...

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  1. Thanks for posting the picture! I am still working on my Spanish Colonial IW Battle, and adding finishing touches to my Woodland Indians and English Adventurers. After the Spanish, Scots and English Borderers! My gaming club loves IW, and several of the guys who bought the rules will be rebasing their armies for IW.