Sunday 9 June 2013

Updates and progress of sorts

I have been fairly quiet of late due to some pretty tragic events in the family. However, behind the scenes the hobby marches on as a nice diversion from a pretty sad reality. One upshot to having a bit of time off is being able to spend lots of time with my (mostly) awesome son/monkey and my lovely wife.

In other news, I recently found an exciting young Hungarian artist to work on some illustrations for the rules set I'm working on for Ganesha Games. For now, lets call them SSD... Due to recent events, I've not been able to playtest them as much as I would have liked but I will shortly be looking for a wider sphere of testers to try out the new rules mechanics.

My buildings for my 15mm scale suburb of Antioch are almost completed and a few more civilians have been painted up (including my first ever camel). No pictures as yet.

I have also been procrastinating a little on ebay recently and came across this smashing 28mm heroic scale miniatures from Lance and Laser. The figure was produced in the 1990s for the Glorantha game Hero Quest (not the Citadel game) and has been long OOP. Getting it for under £2 on ebay was a real steal in my opinion.

I first saw the figure many eons ago over at the Four Color Figures blog. Below are the (pirated) images which first drew me to the model. If I can achieve anything anywhere near as good a paint job I'll be most pleased. Not sure exactly how I'm going to use the figure but it will fit in well with my existing Greek myth themed SBH warbands and will also work if/when I venture a look at Of Gods and Mortals.

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  1. Spiffy, I rather like that. Sorry to hear you've had sad news.