Saturday, 15 July 2017

Palaeo Diet bloodbath

Palaeo Diet: Eat or be Eaten has been formatted and is currently receiving a much-needed proof read. This week we messed around with a little hunt, keeping going long after our hunters had satisfied their bellies, just to see what happened. In short, it was a bit of a bloodbath.

The layout o f the table, four hills and two patches of tricky going. Three mammoths and two boar in the center of the table. We had two groups hunters (Snogg, Dogg, Rarr and Bow top left, Ogg Idd, Herc and Tark bottom right), each consisting of a spearman with a hound, an archer and a clubman.
The early turns saw our intrepid ancestors trying to get into position. For a tribal victory we needed to secure six bulk worth of meat (i.e. kill two mammoths, or one mammoth and and a pig). Critters, should they be flushed out of terrain, would also make a welcome contribution to the tribal feed.

By the end of the first turn, Bow and Snogg, in an uncharacteristic show of team work, had already taken down one boar. By turn two, there was also a nice tasty bunny (brought down by Snogg!) to add to the pot. It looked like it was going to be a short hunt.

Herc managed to get way too close to various mammoths at various times, although they usually moved off, or trumpeted and scared him off, before he had a chance to swing his club.

Ogg wasn't so lucky. He only met one mammoth...

Herc finally landed a blow or two against one of the woolly pachyderms, while Snogg took on his second boar for the hunt. I mean, we didn't need it, but why not... the boar was there.

 Finally sick of being clobbered and stuck with arrows (from both Bow and Tark), the wounded mammoth turns on Herc and brings him crashing down. Meanwhile, someone Bow took down a second rabbit.

 It then turned and charged at Tark who was squatting at the brow of a hill...

Before turning back and charging Rarr, making contact with him, but not quite managing to insert a tusk anywhere uncomfortable. With a tremendous effort, Rarr landed a final blow, bringing the mammoth down.

Here we see the surviving hunters and their huge haul of meat. Bow and Dogg were wounded, but Snogg, Rarr and Tark survived unscathed. Herc and Ogg will be remembered fondly by the tribe. In total, a mammoth, two boar and two bunnies brought in 10 bulk. More than enough to feed the four survivors, with plenty left over for the carrion eaters!


  1. Ugh. I need to just stop reading these - I do NOT need ANOTHER collection of miniatures!

  2. I keep telling myself - Okay, I'll just buy the book when it comes out - just to read, because it sounds totally interesting and maybe I can pinch ideas to incorporate into other games... but who am I fooling... I'll be painting prehistoric peoples and critters by the end of the year...