Thursday 26 March 2015

The Xebec Zenobie

A little while ago the lure of doing some Barbary corsairs for Galleys & Galleons grew far too strong and I succumbed, ordering some Mediterranean galleys from Skytrex. However, the vessel type which I really wanted in my little fleet of corsairs was a xebec, a sexy wee lateen rigged thing with curves in all the right places.

As I have posted before (HERE and then HERE) I ended up ordering a schooner from Peter Pig and sat down with some blue tac and some spare galley sails to create this:

She wasn't yet a beauty, but you could already see the ship she might grow up to be. Well I could anyway. Not entirely happy with the way she was going, I shipped her off to my mate JB who whipped her into shape.

Now she was starting to look pretty fine, She certainly turn  heads wherever she went and I was pretty pleased with the outcome (understatement).

I finally got her painted up last week. While I'm happy with the final product, I freely admit that sails are, in fact, a punishment from the gods. I'm not really comfortable painting them, and I think they know it. Never-the-less, without further adieu, allow me to present the xebec, Zenobie.

In G&G game terms, she is effectively a mid-priced, swift, coastal raiding ship:

The Xebec Zenobie, 50 points
Q3 C2
Special Rules: Lateen rigged, Razée, Shallow draft, Swashbucklers, Sweeps


  1. She's a lovely looking ship

  2. A beautiful ship, love the colors of the sail...

  3. Great conversion. I love this ship.

  4. Where can I buy these ships? I want a fleet too!!

    1. Look at Peter Pig for European/Atlantic ships, or Skytrex for Mediterranean galleys. The xebec is a conversion.