Sunday, 2 October 2022

Onesie Wearing Wasteland Weirdos - Orphaned psychic with bunny toy

Poppet is the fifth miniature prepared for the Onesies warband for This is Not a Test. Although she is sans onesie, I think the combination of wee girl in a nightie carrying a toy has a similar subversive vibe that permeates the rest of the crew. The model is a 3D print from Great Grimoire.

In game terms, I will use her as a rogue psychic with a lucky bunny. There is no need for guns or knives when you can leave your foes in a snivelling heap with just a thought.

Saturday, 1 October 2022

More siege testing for Fantastic Battles

This week JB indulged me with further testing of the siege rules for Fantastic Battles. Using almost all the fortifications made for my by Jim at Dark Architect, we played the largest siege to date, pitching 2,000 points of attackers (my Wylde Elves allied to my Beastlings), against 1,000 points of Fallen Dwarves as the defenders.

With the attackers suffering badly with disease ahead of the assault, the failure of the sappers to undermine the walls, and the total lack of traitors to unlock the gates, my lads (and lasses) had a hard old slog getting in under the walls. 

Although a beastling levy unit did get ladders to the keep wall, they were broken as they tried to scale the defences. Massed shooting from dwarvern handguns and artillery also managed to bring down the siege tower ... which then fell back on the trolls pushing it.

The dwarvern mage-lord, frustrated with inaction, flew his winged bull out of the keep to attack the skirmishing archers. Failing to destroy them in the first round of combat, he proceeded to disengage. Sadly, the movement took him too far on the other side of the fortress where he was charged and slain by the waiting elven stag-knights and their chariot support.

On the far side of the fortress, the second unit of beastling levy breached the gat with a battering ram and spewed forth into the outer defences.

The second gate was then breached, allowing the elven Wylde Hunt to charge in. Ongoing missle fire towards the units defending the keep finally started to have an effect, and the wyrd sister managed to summon her mushroom folk on the inside of the walls. With that it was more or less over for the defenders.

The revised modifiers conferred by the different fortifications meant that the success of the assault was never a foregone conclusion; the arrow towers in particular caused me significant harm. However, JB's army was not necessarily well suited to defending walls and the large number of characters continuously rallying and blessing my troops managed to keep them in the field long enough for the dwarves to lose heart.


Sunday, 25 September 2022

Onesie Wearing Wasteland Weirdos - Bingo, the halfling in a bunny suit

I was really pleased to receive Bingo Whackins in the post this week. This halfling in a bunny suit from Imitation of Life Miniatures was the initial inspiration for this warband - all the rest of this crazy is thanks to him. Here he is with his existing colleagues - now complete with their basing done and named; Tessa, Bingo, Meep and Fritz.

Bingo comes with pleanty of hand/weapon options. I opted for a vicious looking baseball bat with barbed wire and molotov cocktail. Stay classy Bingo! Not to be messed with, he'll add some muscle to the warband - the rest of whom are currently either children or guinea pigs!

Saturday, 24 September 2022

This is Not a Test - Little Slice of Heaven

Jim has re-entered the wasteland, raising a fresh warband of mutant down-winders to join Andrew and my occassional campaign. This week, he and I played the 'Little Slice of Heaven' scenario, with his muties trying to eject the Flores Minor Rangers from their forward command point, Wastebase-1.

Despite my inability to have won a scenario with the FMRC, I was feeling positive with this one. After two matches, my warband rating was a healthy 525, and Jim was coming on with a starter warband worth only 400 BS. On top of that, my force is practically designed for this scenario; snipers on roof tops and plenty of rough terrain to slow down the attackers.

Sadly (for the FMRC - other opinions are available), the balancing mechanisms for uneven warbands work very well. The scenario allowed for Jim's warband to pick an Advantage anyway - he took 'Bum Rush', allowing him to advance a move before the game started - and to balance the points he took 'Really Good Luck', providing three re-rolls.

In the early turns, every time my lads got a well-aimed shot off, I was forced to reroll it, universally missing on the reroll. When I wasn't doing that, I was jamming weaponry, all the while the muties closed the distance and ended up taking out three rangers on the ground (Point, Snake Eyes and Demo). He took out Hotshot, the FMRC outrider with shooting, and used psychic powers early on to demoralise Sarge, leaving him a gibbering wreck for the engagement.

In the end, the muties entered Wastbase-1 and the final stand was made by BT29 - my new Depend-o-bot - on the ground floor, surrounded by three mutants, while Doc and Heavy fired into the melee from above. With the writing on the wall, the FMRC again were forced to fall back and treat tend to their wounded.

In the  post-game sequence, one of Jim's Mutants, Dex, died. He'd been riddled by mini-gun fire, so it was hardly surprising, although he will be mourned by his brethren. The Mutants did well when exploring the wasteland, hauling in a mass of BS and discovering a working plasma gun.

Among the FMRC, Point succumbed to his injures and died, while both Demo and Point recovered fully, becoming hardened by their injuries. Heavy gained enough experience to upgrade his strength factor, and Snake Eyes increased his movement factor. The rangers did not find much BS at all, but did manage to find a flame thrower for the look pile.

This is the first match where the FMRC will not be able to recruit new members. Indeed, after paying for upkeep, there is not even enough BS left in the kitty to replace Point. The outcome of their next action will be critical in determining their longevity in the wastes.