Sunday, 26 January 2020

Faustus Furius at Crusade 2020!

I'm truly honoured that Alex Woodrow chose to run a participation game of my racing game, Faustus Furius, at the Crusade wargaming convention in Penarth, in the Vale of Glamorgan. The rules were designed for fast and fun quasi-historical chariot racing, but were intentionally written to be played with whatever figures the players wanted to use. Below are a few of the photos and the brief report Alex posted on the Song of Blades and Heroes Facebook Group, re-posted with his permission. It looks like an absolutely fantastic set up!

Squig Racing at Crusade 2020
Here are some pics of the Faustus Furius based game I ran today at the Crusade show in Penarth. The course was a figure of 8, just one lap as in testing we found two laps took a bit too long for a show game. One innovation I added was having a deck of cards for players to draw from if they crashed into a mushroom patch which each triggered some random psychedelic game effect. I had thought players would avoid these as they might avoid normal crashes, but in fact they loved them and deliberately ran into the mushrooms to create as much chaos as possible! The game went down really well, I ran it for 4 different groups of players, and two young lads said it was the best game they'd played at a show. It's the second of IW Nic 's Ganesha games I've run with great success, maybe I should do Paleo Diet next time for the hattrick? 😁

Saturday, 25 January 2020

Playtesting Palaeo Diet: Pulp - more adventures on a mysterious island

The four adventurers surveyed the the scene before them: a dry plain with a single thicket, and area of spiky blade grass and a scattering of carnivorous plants. Off to their right, a savage monument built by the island's natives probably indicated a native presence in the area. Their target though, was the tyrannosaurus rex down by the lake sure. 

Captain van Damme caressed his shotgun and looked derisively at his companions. How did he end up with such a pack of disorganised fools. An experienced officer and a gentleman, some considered him an egotist [trait]. He just knew that he was more capable than any other person on the expedition.  The American with the rifle, Harry Ford, was barely a gentleman at all and had really let himself go recently [unfit trait]. Miss Blunt was pretty enough he supposed, but she spoke incessantly about becoming an engineer [trait]; it was almost as though she forgot her she was a woman! Her revolver and tote-bag of grenades did nothing to reassure van Damme. And as for the fellahin, Omar? He was useful enough in a bind. An experienced explorer [trait], his machete and tommy gun would probably be the most useful accouterments of the expedition. The fellow was also a devil at cards!

As an egotist, van Damme always needed to activate first each turn, and roll all three dice. The early turns saw him make his way carefully down the centre of the plain, mostly keeping out of the way of the snapping carnivorous plants. Those beasts who were disturbed by his movements ignored him or moved cautiously out of the way. Omar used his experience as an explorer (and his trusty blade) to make his way straight through the thicket, aiming to provide some trusty fire support. Harry Ford lagged behind, trying to catch a breath, while Miss Blunt kept tripping up (rolling activation failures) and also fell behind.

van Damme tried a long range shot at the t-rex, the shot having no effect. However, the sound of the gun drew the attention of a flock of nasty looking raptors who dashed towards him - straight into a carnivorous plant that picked one off in the blink of an eye.  

Omar chuckled to see the small beasts be bested by a plant - only to be overheard by the distraught flock of raptors who immediately mobbed him. Miraculously, he managed to avoid any serious harm. By that stage, Miss Blunt had ambled (in a lady-like fashion) to just outside grenade range of Omar and his attackers. Just trying to 'help out', she lobbed a grenade that bounced towards the group, exploding to kill one of the raptors, and wounding poor Omar. Meanwhile, van Damme fired again at the t-rex causing a wound, while Harry gave up trying to leg it over to the other three adventurers and just started firing at the natives and their witch doctor. He was cursed for his troubles, making his life even harder than it had been before.

Trying to activate, Omar was not quite cautious enough. The remaining three raptors pounced on him and he fell, bleeding from dozens of small but vicious puncture wounds (not to mention the shrapnel wound... thanks Emily!). All that blood kept the raptors happy and drew the t-rex over for a sniff. 

Harry snapped himself out of the curse and continued to fire away at the natives. He wounded one with an aimed rifle shot. The wounded native looked around in outrage, saw Miss Blunt, and charged towards her. She unloaded her revolver in his general direction, but he reacted by attacking her, just as the sound of her shots drew the raptors to attack her from behind.

In swift succession, Miss Blunt was killed (and subsequently eaten by the native!). van Damme fired on the t-rex again, wounding it, but spelling his own doom as the t-rex rushed him and broke him in two. Harry looked around and sweated a bit. He was suddenly the only adventurer left standing.

Harry opened his watch and saw that he was fast running out of time. The ship was due to sail and he was nowhere near prepared to kill the t-rex himself. Instead, he popped off another shot at a native. The native yelled fearsomely back. Harry stumbled backwards in shock - straight into a carnivorous plant which snapped at him, taking a bite out of his shoulder. Harry turned to scramble away, but the smell of blood and the noise he made getting away from the over-grown flytrap drew the t-rex right at him.

Harry Ford turned. He aimed and fired his rifle. The bullet found its mark, causing a double wound and bringing the t-rex to within one wound of death. One turn remained in the scenario before Harry would have to abandon the hunt and make his way to the ship.

... and he failed his activation roll. The tyrannosaur lunged. Harry fell in a bloody, pulpy, mess... 

So, a fun game, full of new features from the pulp expansion. I didn't take enough photos, so there were quite a few other things that happened that didn't quite make it into the report, but in essence, we were close to a successful hunt. Nevertheless, a total party kill is a total party kill whichever way you try to dress it up. 

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Fine Young Cannibals

Snatching a handy couple of hours time off in lieu from work, I managed to paint up four natives for games of Palaeo Diet: Pulp. Although the figures are Amazonian Indians from Eureka's 15mm range (quite a few years ago I used the same figures in a Carib army for Irregular Wars), I wanted them to be as generically pulpish as possible. 

They will occasionally see service as prehistoric (lost world) hunters, taking on dinosaurs themselves. I suspect they will more often see the tabletop in the guise of lost world natives (using the outfolk hunters profile from Palaeo Diet: Fireside Tales) with a witch doctor (a new profile from Pulp) - hence the converted chap in the green stuff mask.

Sunday, 19 January 2020

More Measly Medieval Miniatures

Over the Christmas break, I manage to get a bunch of 28mm miniatures done up to compliment my Shadow of Sherwood collection - I'm almost ready to start using them in earnest. These villagers are all from Midlam Miniatures - technically they are from a fantasy range, but they are as historical as the rest of my Robin Hood stuff!



Washing maid

Crippled crone


Forester (I cut the sword down into a dagger)

Also from Midlam Miniatures, I got this Hiberno-Norse looking chap in a quilted bernie with a Dane axe. He could join the late 12th century Sherwood bandits if he chose, or (as in the photo above) he can team up with some Anglo-Danes and the like to take on slightly earlier Norman types.

... and my axe!

For my we lad's (slowly growing) retinue, I created a sergeant with a Dane axe out of left over Fireforge bits. 

... and also my axe!

... and in a scene to warm any wargaming daddy's heart, he also chose and ordered his own model (also from Midlam Miniatures) to paint himself. As with the shield device and colours he wanted on his knight, Sir John, there is a very clear inspiration behind his choices. 👻😀