Saturday 8 June 2024

3D printed minis from BS5 Beyond Games (and a discount code!?)

Work and other commitments have paused our Devilry Afoot campaign for a few weeks. While I've not had the chance to do much painting (I have just started my next Seleukid unit), I have been conceptualising my next project; more details on that in the future. Suffice to say, I need a few more minis!

Looking for something different, I've been eyeing up the 3D printed kobold range from Warp Miniatures for a while. I love the style of the sculpts, and have been more than happy with the Warp stuff I have painted in the past. Frustratingly I haven't yet joined the 3D-printer-owners'-society yet, so much of the of Warp Miniatures range was out of reach until I discovered BS5 Beyond Games.  I discovered they were licensed printers of some Warp ranges so asked them about the kobolds. They didn't do them a week ago, but they do now and Rowland and Alex were good enough to send me almost a dozen of the little beggars!

I'm now the proud owner of a kobold magic-user and a swarm of 10 wee minions. There are plenty of options there for arming them with spears, daggers or slings. I super impressed by both the Warp Miniatures' sculpts, and by the quality of the prints from BS5 Beyond Games.

On top of everything else, the lads also created a special discount code for readers of the Irregular Wars blog! If you check out their site and find anything that takes your fancy, use the code IWFB20 at checkout to get 20% off your order. Great service and a discount code. You can't say no to that!    

Saturday 1 June 2024

Devilry Afoot - 13 game campaign (session 3)

Session 3 brought us through three more scenarios for our Devilry Afoot campaign. If you need to go back, Session 1 covered the first three hunts, Session 2 covered hunts hunts four and five. For this session, the party of Clijsters, Fr Hans, Gruber, Dr Midnite, and Betty were joined by the Scottish gentleman, Jacobus Stuart (a secret flagellant), and his follower Hamish.

Scenario 6) Of Magpies and Ravens
When the pay chests disappeared, it didn’t really come as a surprise. To have had such wealth protected by such a small escort had practically damned them all from the start. What had come as a surprise was the savagery dealt to the half-company meant to guard the army’s wealth: hamstrung, and with their heads dashed in with rocks or cloven by poleaxes, the hapless bodies left drained of blood. Now, as the shock of the barbarity wears off, thoughts turn to the treasures rumoured to have been buried in the neighbouring moorland.

For this scenario the party set out without Fr Hans, Dr Midnite or Betty, taking to the moors to hunt three redcaps. Jacobus and Hamish cornered one by the edge of the moors which struck out at them, before dashing off the table. Gruber and Clijsters managed to slay another. All the while , the third redcap skulked beside a lone tree. Only after its comrades were dead or fled did it come out of hiding, becoming easy prey for the party who walked away with the loot.

Scenario 7) The Beast in the Fog
The great black dog had been seen in the past, but its appearances were getting more frequent, and increasingly violent. Eviscerated remains of travellers had come to light more than a few times in recent months and the baying of the hellish beast could be heard clear across the lonely moors. The hunting party recruited to track the beast had followed it far out into the wilds before the dense fog closed in, causing the hunters to lose their way, and making it impossible to determine the intentions of the eery shapes emerging into view.

Still without Dr Midnite and Betty, and now with Fr Hans rather than Goodman Gruber, the party stumbled further into the moors. Separated in the fog, and pursued by dark shapes, it soon became clear that a barghest was hunting Col. Clijsters. Not wanting to face the beast alone, he chose to flee, relying on his party members to converge on his position and face the beast together. He was attacked multiple times, but each time was saved by his combination of buff coat and cuirass. Holding true to the plan, Jacobus, Hamish and Hans came together and the beast was slain.

Scenario 8) The Cursed City
The city had defiantly closed its gates on the advancing enemy, bravely holding out longer than anyone could have imagined, but famine and pestilence stalked the streets long before the enemy assault. Now, in the wake of the sack, among the ruinous, burnt-out buildings, the pattering sound of feet in ash is all that can be heard where once there were the cries of street vendors and the laughter of children. For those that still eke out a meagre existence among the chaos, the traumas of the siege have left an indelible mark.

For this scenario we brought all five characters and the two followers to hunt the evils haunting the city. The vampyre is an incredibly vicious and tough monster, and here he was supported by two ghouls. Jacobus and Hamish attacked one ghoul immediately before it turned the tables and forces Hamish to flee. The second ghoul skulked in a side street, its drive to hunt the innocent civilians in the settlement somewhat lacking. 

The vampyre, however, was very active. He was charged first by Gruber whom he charmed, before sending him running. The monster then killed an innocent, before swinging back to face Col. Clijsters. Distracted by the soldier, the vampyre failed to see Fr Hans approaching from the rear. Stowing his holy item and readying a wooden stake, the religious rushed at the vampyre. Having foretold this moment when reading the stars earlier in the evening, Hans defied the odds and plunged his stake straight through the creature's withered heart. It was then a simple enough job hunting the ghouls, both of whom were ultimately killed by the Scottish gentleman.

So three more scenarios in, and the hunting party are feeling confident. Their various experience upgrades are telling with a couple of specialists emerging: Fr Hans using scripture to keep monsters at bay while Clijsters and Gruber provide muscle. It was a relatively smooth session with the dice in our favour all night long. Having a redcap and ghoul each skulk in the shadows rather than joining the fray early in two of the scenarios proved a real boon, while Fr Han's great fortune made killing the vampyre look easy. Even the barghest, who has torn our hunters asunder more times than not, failed to make much of an impact. 

Still, there are more testing times ahead...

Sunday 26 May 2024

Devilry Afoot - folk horror monster-hunting preview


Devilry Afoot
 is due to be published towards the end of the summer so page-setting and final proofing is well underway. Some of the the photography still needs to be completed, but we are almost there. The preview pages here are still works in progress, but should give a taste of what's to come.

Devilry Afoot is a game that takes as its premise the questionable notion that the fears which percolated through 16th and 17th century Europe were wholly justified; that ungodliness and moral corruption manifested as an evil that could be countered with religious fervour. The rules, character creation, and monster profiles are all heavily themed around the folk beliefs of early modern Western Europe.

Players take on the role of a small party of self-righteous monster hunters in (mostly) co-operative or solo scenarios to try to defeat the creatures of the night. The monsters are automated using a simple but effective matrix based on their proximity to humans and a single die roll.

When creating their characters, players choose an archetype (gentleman, goodman/goodwife, scholar, soldier, or religious) which provides a basic profile and outlines how the character can develop. For example, a gentleman starts with no discernible skills, but more money than any other character and with a follower in tow; a soldier may start with a trait, or a skill chosen from the hunting or martial skillsets, but may never learn scholarly skills. The money a character starts with, and earns as they complete bounties, allows them to buy equipment. While some archetypes will be more skilled with certain pieces of equipment, there are no restrictions limiting who may use what.

Each character also rolls randomly for a secret. Secrets are little quirks that the character wouldn't want their in-world companions to know, but which might have very real in-game consequences. A doubting character will find it more difficult to quote scripture and be more easily intimidated by monsters, a lustful character is more susceptible to charms, a slovenly character can't run as fast, while a secret witch might find their own objectives in a scenario at odds with their colleagues.

The rules employ a randomised activation system and are d10 based. Each player will roll 2d10 to try to activate their characters, while most other die rolls use a single 1d10. 

The game is played on a modestly sized table - only 2'x2' (60x60cm) allowing for plentiful terrain to create dangerous shadows and places for monsters to skulk. There are 13 scenarios given as examples in the book, some have prescribed monsters to be hunted (or avoided), while others have multiple options. There are bounties set for each type of monster - from the 10 shillings awarded for each wolf slain, to 100 shillings for killing a vampyre - and guidelines as to how many hunters should be on the table (i.e. no more than one character for every 15 shillings worth of bounty available at the end of the hunt). The randomised initiative and monster action systems means that no two games should ever play out the same way.

The campaign system allows characters to gain experience and renown, develop new skills, attract followers and buy better equipment, but also accrue injuries, and more dark secrets.

There is now a Facebook group set up for those interested in following the game and joining in the discussions:

Do you're miniature heroes have what it takes to stare evil in the face and walk away unchanged?

Wednesday 22 May 2024

Evil tree and more innocents for Devilry Afoot

Finishing up the last of the pieces i need to cover every eventuality in Devilry Afoot, I've now completed an evil tree and more innocent civilians/werewolf food.

Evil trees are static terrain pieces in Devilry Afoot that have the ability to lash out and cause harm to humans who stray too close. This pretty splendid evil tree is a 3D print sculpted by Dragon Trappers Lodge and sold as an Awakened Tree. He might be awake, but he's certainly not happy about it... 

I've also completed four more innocents to give me a total of eight. These four are from Wargames Foundry. They are all pretty characterful, although the shepherd is perhaps a little flat of face.

The Foundry miniatures mix pretty well with the Crucible Crush Productions figures, they are a bit heftier, but give good variety, for sure don't we all come in different shapes and sizes?