Friday 11 March 2011

Southern Battle Gamers DBA Historical comp. March 2011

The Southern Battle Gamers in southern Sydney hosts two DBA historical competitions per year - in March and August. Each player brings along matched pairs of armies so historical opposition is guaranteed.

I managed to fluke a series of glorious victories in August last year and managed to get my name on the new board. However, since then I've been afflicted by the 'Imperator's Curse'. No one has won the historical comp twice in a row. In the March comp. this year (last week), Steve Webb was the imperator, I scraped in a low second... Below are a selection of the armies in play this round. There were a couple others which I didn't get any pictures of.

Polybian Roman vs Late Carthagian

Marian Roman vs Slave Revolt

Hundred Years War English vs Feudal French

Late Seleukids vs Attalid Pergamene

Late Achaemenid Persian vs Later Athenian