Sunday, 2 October 2022

Onesie Wearing Wasteland Weirdos - Orphaned psychic with bunny toy

Poppet is the fifth miniature prepared for the Onesies warband for This is Not a Test. Although she is sans onesie, I think the combination of wee girl in a nightie carrying a toy has a similar subversive vibe that permeates the rest of the crew. The model is a 3D print from Great Grimoire.

In game terms, I will use her as a rogue psychic with a lucky bunny. There is no need for guns or knives when you can leave your foes in a snivelling heap with just a thought.

Saturday, 1 October 2022

More siege testing for Fantastic Battles

This week JB indulged me with further testing of the siege rules for Fantastic Battles. Using almost all the fortifications made for my by Jim at Dark Architect, we played the largest siege to date, pitching 2,000 points of attackers (my Wylde Elves allied to my Beastlings), against 1,000 points of Fallen Dwarves as the defenders.

With the attackers suffering badly with disease ahead of the assault, the failure of the sappers to undermine the walls, and the total lack of traitors to unlock the gates, my lads (and lasses) had a hard old slog getting in under the walls. 

Although a beastling levy unit did get ladders to the keep wall, they were broken as they tried to scale the defences. Massed shooting from dwarvern handguns and artillery also managed to bring down the siege tower ... which then fell back on the trolls pushing it.

The dwarvern mage-lord, frustrated with inaction, flew his winged bull out of the keep to attack the skirmishing archers. Failing to destroy them in the first round of combat, he proceeded to disengage. Sadly, the movement took him too far on the other side of the fortress where he was charged and slain by the waiting elven stag-knights and their chariot support.

On the far side of the fortress, the second unit of beastling levy breached the gat with a battering ram and spewed forth into the outer defences.

The second gate was then breached, allowing the elven Wylde Hunt to charge in. Ongoing missle fire towards the units defending the keep finally started to have an effect, and the wyrd sister managed to summon her mushroom folk on the inside of the walls. With that it was more or less over for the defenders.

The revised modifiers conferred by the different fortifications meant that the success of the assault was never a foregone conclusion; the arrow towers in particular caused me significant harm. However, JB's army was not necessarily well suited to defending walls and the large number of characters continuously rallying and blessing my troops managed to keep them in the field long enough for the dwarves to lose heart.


Sunday, 25 September 2022

Onesie Wearing Wasteland Weirdos - Bingo, the halfling in a bunny suit

I was really pleased to receive Bingo Whackins in the post this week. This halfling in a bunny suit from Imitation of Life Miniatures was the initial inspiration for this warband - all the rest of this crazy is thanks to him. Here he is with his existing colleagues - now complete with their basing done and named; Tessa, Bingo, Meep and Fritz.

Bingo comes with pleanty of hand/weapon options. I opted for a vicious looking baseball bat with barbed wire and molotov cocktail. Stay classy Bingo! Not to be messed with, he'll add some muscle to the warband - the rest of whom are currently either children or guinea pigs!

Saturday, 24 September 2022

This is Not a Test - Little Slice of Heaven

Jim has re-entered the wasteland, raising a fresh warband of mutant down-winders to join Andrew and my occassional campaign. This week, he and I played the 'Little Slice of Heaven' scenario, with his muties trying to eject the Flores Minor Rangers from their forward command point, Wastebase-1.

Despite my inability to have won a scenario with the FMRC, I was feeling positive with this one. After two matches, my warband rating was a healthy 525, and Jim was coming on with a starter warband worth only 400 BS. On top of that, my force is practically designed for this scenario; snipers on roof tops and plenty of rough terrain to slow down the attackers.

Sadly (for the FMRC - other opinions are available), the balancing mechanisms for uneven warbands work very well. The scenario allowed for Jim's warband to pick an Advantage anyway - he took 'Bum Rush', allowing him to advance a move before the game started - and to balance the points he took 'Really Good Luck', providing three re-rolls.

In the early turns, every time my lads got a well-aimed shot off, I was forced to reroll it, universally missing on the reroll. When I wasn't doing that, I was jamming weaponry, all the while the muties closed the distance and ended up taking out three rangers on the ground (Point, Snake Eyes and Demo). He took out Hotshot, the FMRC outrider with shooting, and used psychic powers early on to demoralise Sarge, leaving him a gibbering wreck for the engagement.

In the end, the muties entered Wastbase-1 and the final stand was made by BT29 - my new Depend-o-bot - on the ground floor, surrounded by three mutants, while Doc and Heavy fired into the melee from above. With the writing on the wall, the FMRC again were forced to fall back and treat tend to their wounded.

In the  post-game sequence, one of Jim's Mutants, Dex, died. He'd been riddled by mini-gun fire, so it was hardly surprising, although he will be mourned by his brethren. The Mutants did well when exploring the wasteland, hauling in a mass of BS and discovering a working plasma gun.

Among the FMRC, Point succumbed to his injures and died, while both Demo and Point recovered fully, becoming hardened by their injuries. Heavy gained enough experience to upgrade his strength factor, and Snake Eyes increased his movement factor. The rangers did not find much BS at all, but did manage to find a flame thrower for the look pile.

This is the first match where the FMRC will not be able to recruit new members. Indeed, after paying for upkeep, there is not even enough BS left in the kitty to replace Point. The outcome of their next action will be critical in determining their longevity in the wastes.

Monday, 19 September 2022

Onesie Wearing Wasteland Weirdos - WIP Teddy bear kid

The third figure to join the Onesie Wearing Wasteland Weirdos is a wee girl in a teddy bear onesie, 3D scultped by Vaultz. She is just about there - still needs the base completed of course.

Based on the pictures on Etsy, where she is sold as a child zombie, I was planning to do some hand swaps to give her a a couple of pistols, and take away the decayed flesh on her hands. I was assuming she'd maybe come to 22 or 25mm to the eye...

But no. Standing at 21mm to the top of her head, she really is just a little kid.

I 'redistributed' a maching pistol from an unused mini, gave it a green stuff handle, and packed her base a little with green stuff to give a tiny bit more height.

Now, she's a machine pistol-toting tot, terrorising the wastes on the hunt for chocolate!

Wednesday, 14 September 2022

28mm Napoleonic Württemberg Light Infantry part 2

Well, they have not been quick in coming (six figures over six weeks!), but the second company of Von Bruxelles' Württemberg Light Infantry is now done. I hope to get the remaining two companies out a little faster, but it depends on what life throws me!

Wednesday, 7 September 2022

Onesie Wearing Wasteland Weirdos - WIP Guinea Pig mimic man

The second figure to arrive for the Onesie Wearing Wasteland Weirdos is a guinea pig mimic man from Bad Squiddo Games. They have two simmilar miniatures: this one filled with guinea pigs and another with bunnies. While I am a fan of rabbits - especially vicious ones - I just couldn't go past this figure. Again, I think the figure is finished, but the base still needs to be done.

Thematically in a warband of people wearing cute animal suits, I thought it wound be fun to have a bunch of cute animals in a people suit. 

Equipped with an assault rifle, gas mask, all weather coat and a marigold glove, in This is Not a Test, I  am planning on using it/them as a mutant with blob form. They will need a suitable name like Meep or Squee to seal the deal...  

Tuesday, 6 September 2022

Onesie Wearing Wasteland Weirdos - WIP Yellow Bunny

While I tinker (and/or labour) away at two Napoleonic projects - 6mm Austrians and 28mm Württembergers - I have taken a notion to build a new warband for This is Not a Test. TNT is such a great game and, up until now, I have very much enjoyed using my sci-fi halflings and 18th century pirates as warbands in different contexts.

Now I am stepping into the post-apocalyptic wastelands proper for the first time and will sproradically add onsie-wearers and other thematically suitable figures to the Onsie Wearing Wasteland Weirdos. The name may need a rethink as the project continues, but it gets the theme across nicely I think.

First up is a young lad in a yellow bunny suit. The miniature is from Copplestone Castings, very kindly donated by Andrew to start me off. This cigar-puffing chap is armed with a pistol and diving knife, along with a backpack filled with all sorts of useful trinkets.

Having gone with a yellow onesie and blue crocs and goggles, I feel that he may end up with a Swedish or Ukranian name - although they are also the colours of my own County Antrim. I think he is finished other than the basing. I have a variety of wasteland base toppers en route to use across all the bases of the warband. 

Sunday, 4 September 2022

Fantastic Battles - 28mm siege test

Tim hosted me for a further playtest of the Fantastic Battles siege rules this week, using his great 3D printed castle and our 28mm armies - 500 points of Tim's dwarves, defending against 1,000 points of my Bacchae.

We had to proxy in cut cardboard rectangles for siege equipment, but here you can see the tiny defending force surrounded by the much more plentiful Bacchae. The dwarvern fort was built of heavy fortifications and sported towers with integrated archers. The Bacchae had three sets of ladders (carried by satyrs in the lower part of the photo), a siege tower pushed by maenads (at the top), a mine (off camera away to the top left), and had paid off a traitor inside the fort.

While the mine reached the dwarf walls, they were too sturdily built and it failed to bring them down. Bakchos was luckier with the traitor though who, good to his word, ensured the gates were left wide open. The elite part of the Bacchae - the Indian contingent and erotes chariots - surged towards the bottle neck. Unfortunately, the archer-towers played havoc with the elephant, badly lowering its resolve. It still managed to maul a unit of dwarvern warriors inside the walls, and flatten their captain before succumbing to its own injuries.

Elsewhere, the first unit of satyrs brought the ladders to the walls under a hail of black-powder gun fire and were quickly dispatched in melee, while the single maenad company pushing the siege tower suffered a similar fate. Across the table, Bacchae were falling fast while the doughty dwarves stood fast behind their defences. Eros, captaining the maenads, made use of the Phoenix Bow of Precision to target the dwarvern warlord, causing a wound.

Although they had started to lose resolve across the table, the dwarvern units were far from breaking, while the Bacchae were only two companies away from defeat, with five companies close to scattering and a few more feeling poorly. And at that point, the Bacchae rather stole a victory when Eros shot again at the dwarvern warlord and killed him. Leaderless, the dwarves surrendered and the Bacchae reigned victorious.

Artist's impression showing the death of the dwarvern warlord.

Sunday, 28 August 2022

Fortifications for 10mm Fantastic Battles Sieges

I was really pleased to be handed the last of my custom-made fortifications from Jim at Dark Architect Terrain this week. The set has more that 40 fully modular lengths, corners, towers, gates and breaches to allow all sorts of combinations.

Here they are thrown down in a pretty random castle set-up; do excuse the board and decking. It was too nice a day not to sit outside! Over on the left you can see an assortment of breaches to be used when walls collapse due to mines, artillery, or direct assault.

... and to top it all off, the structures are all robust enough to be stored in a single box file (along with some resin buildings). Brilliant job Jim!a

Saturday, 27 August 2022

This is Not a Test - Snipe Hunt

After something of a hiatus - not quite a year - The Flores Minor Ranger Corps had their second outing this week, pairing off again against Andrew's Mutants in a snipe hunt. Once again, we were scrabbling through Andrew's absolutely amazing shanty town terrain.

Sarge led seven 'men' into the wastes including the rookie, Demo. Doc, the squad medic, was ironically banged-up from the previous engagement, but otherwise the boys were rearing to go.

Opposed to them, the psychic escaped slave girl commanded her warband of fellow mutants - also sporting a new member in the form of the winged Stumpy. Hat Boy, the sniper, had become reckless from his injuries in the last match - not a great state for a sniper... 

The scenario called for the rival warbands to search six areas of difficult terrain - rusted out cars - looking for clues to pre-Fall relics. The FMRC are scattered along the bottom of the photo. Demo, Point and Heavy on the left, Hotshot ranging ahead in the centre-most searchable terrain piece already, Snake Eyes on the right, with Doc and Sarge providing covering fire from the wind turbine from the lower right. Most of the Mutants were clustered behind the bus in the top centre, with two over in the top right.

The FMRC started the mission strongly with sniper fire, with Sarge dropping two mutants, and Hotshot a third. Doc, hampered by being banged-up, failed to do anything other than jam and unjam his own gun repeatedly. 

However, over on the FMRC left, a Greater Gnash Worm emerged from behind the lines and proceeded to shlog its way towards the wee rangers. Although Demo and Heavy were able to cause two wounds, it downed them both, followed by Point, before the lads could cause the final wound (or search the car shells for that matter). 

Meanwhile, in the centre, the Mutants were making their way forward, managing to search a couple of cars, while the mutant abomination-doggo made its way against Hotshot. Hotshot managed to cause a wound, but couldn't get a second shot in before he too was taken out. By this point, only Snake Eyes had managed to achieve Victory Points for the FMRC. Sarge did the only thing he could to reserve what was left of the squad and signalled for the last rangers to pull out. Victory once more to the Mutants.

In the post-game sequence among the Mutants, Hat boy got a hand injury (continuing his spiralling downfall as a competent sniper) and Stumpy was banged-up. When scouting the wastes, they managed to find tunnels down below which will allow them a lot of options for their next deployment, and a portaloo full of lost valuables. 

Among the the FMRC, Hotshot was badly banged-up, and Point - mentally scarred from the Gnash Worm's attacks - will go forward as both brave and soft bellied. During the scouting, Doc discovered a pre-Fall gun shop which he managed to destroy before recovering any loot at all! The FMRC's medic is proving himself as aggressively capable a solder as the medic Private Godfrey from Dad's Army...

Sunday, 14 August 2022

10mm Night Stalkers army showcase for Fantastic Battles

The Night Stalkers are the latest of my armies to to be completed for Fantastic Battles. With a theme of all-things-bitey meets Gothic Noir, the army is led by stylishly aristocratic vampires and uses the 'feast' trait as a racial trope.

A small army, the Night Stalkers will depend on speed (and the ability to night march) to compensate for their almost total lack of shooting factors. Get in under the enemy's arrows and ripp out their throats!

The Night Stalker leadership - the Countess (mounted) flanked by two Barons and a tame Necromancer.

Vampiric knights.

Ghastly ghouls.

Dire wolves.


Giant vampire bats.


The Death Coach driven by the rogueish Coachman.