Saturday 19 November 2011

Spanish auxiliary Indians and Cimeroons

Work has been a bit hectic and I've not had much time for painting recently. The little time I have had has been devoted to working on the new battle lists and scenario rules for Irregular Wars. However, this weekend I managed (with the welcome assistance from the wife) to get a couple of companies finished up and ready to be previewed.

The first doughty warriors are three companies of Indian mercenaries to join Don Diego Diablo del Mar in his struggle to maintain order in His Most Catholic Majesty's possessions in the Caribbean. The figures are 15mm Essex Aztec Cuachics. I did a simple head swap to give their captain a morion helmet - evidence among his own people of his pro-Dago status. These noble savages will join the battle started HERE.

Opposing Don Diego are the savage savages from the Caribbean coasts and islands. The main battle is featured HERE. Sneeking down from their hideouts to help in the fight against Spanish oppression are two more companies of Cimeroons - escaped African slaves. The three male figures are 15mm Grumpy Cimeroons from the Buccaneers range, the woman is a 15mm Peter Pig female pirate.