Wednesday 21 October 2015

Something wicked this way comes - Galleys & Galleons: Foul Winds

Orcish Wyrd’s Raft – The coastal clans of the Orcish kin are pointedly superstitious when it comes to the allowing their shamanic wyrds aboard vessels. When wyrds are permitted to join a fleet, they are forced to sail alone on small rafts where their manipulation of the elements can cause the least harm.

Q3 C2

Special rules: Intimidating, Magic user: Pyromancer, Square rigged, Unarmed

Thursday 15 October 2015

Galleys & Galleons on YouTube!?

The fine chaps over at the Historical Gaming YouTube channel (and incidentally the Facebook group by the same name) have produced a couple of videos exploring Galleys & Galleons

There is a 15 minute flick through of the pdf version of the rules. The narrator, Charles, makes a couple of small mistakes when giving descriptions of some of the rules, but on the whole he paints a good ol' picture.

For a more detailed look at game play, there is also a longer video documenting a play-through of what seems to be the first game of G&G played by the lads. The conclusions? 'Will play again!'

Sunday 4 October 2015

Galleys & Galleons: Foul Winds (working title) - Spanish Flying Flotilla

In preparation for playtesting the fantastic (on many levels) forthcoming G&G supplement, Foul Winds (working title), I have been putting together a lace-pulp flying flotilla for the king of Spain. I have decided to have an airship as the solid centre of the flotilla, supported by two ornithopters and a gyrocopter.

His Most Catholic Majesty’s Royal Flying Flotilla - 200 points from left to right: The Gyrocopter Infante, the Ornithopter Angelica, the Airship Nombre de Dios, and the Ornithopter Maria.

The gyrocopter is an old, out of production, Dwarvern gyrocopter from GW's Man O' War. It is probably a little too over-scale for my liking, but it will certainly suffice for my purposes.

The ornithopters and airship are both from Spartan Games' Uncharted Seas range. The ornithopters are 'sky pirates' and the airship is from their Dwarvern line. Below are three photos showing scale comparisons with other ships from my existing fleets.

From left to right: Peter Pig 1/450 large merchantman, 1/1000(ish) Empire galleass from RPE and a 1/300 Chinese junk from Grumpy, and a 1/600 Skytrex galley. All vessels are re-scaled with Peter Pig 1/450 deck crew added.

I'm very happy with my new Spanish fleet and I'm super excited about getting the playtesting started. I'll not give away two much now, but the supplement will have advanced flying rules, magic, and more to let you add lace-pulp elements to your historical fleets, or lead your navies across, under and above dangerous seas in your preferred high fantasy setting.