Sunday 31 January 2021

Horse-Taming Trojans

A little progress on ProjectTroy this week with the 'completion' of three Foundry chariots. While I am far more comfortable painting 6 and 10mm, I am not unhappy with the result. They are still very shiny from the layers of ink/wash; when the year warms and dries up a little lot and I get them sprayed with a matt varnish, then they'll be 'done' done.


Sunday 17 January 2021

Troy wasn't built in a day

Slow going with ProjectTroy, but at least most of the 'first wave' of the army has arrived. Two characters, three chariots, three bases of heavy spearmen, two of elite axemen, two archers, and two skirmishers with javelins. At this point I am only waiting on some Amazons. However, still without spray undercoat, I have only managed to manually undercoat and paint the horses of the chariot group this week.

For the manly element of the Trojan army I will be combining Foundry, Newline and Eureka ranges. Generally, I would say the three ranges are compatible. Eureka would be the heftiest while Newline would be slighter than the others, but they are all of a height. The big difference is probably in the level of detail and the dynamism of the poses. Again, Foundry and Eureka are comparable, while Newline poses are more static (as a general sweeping statement) and there is less detail. I'm not convinced that this is a bad thing though for rank-and-file troops. Having less detail will hopefully make them easier and faster to paint and they should rank up well.

The army warlord to the left and a captain to the right. These two are effectively wearing the same panoply and it's interesting seeing two different sculptors working from the same inspirational material. The Eureka chap is slightly taller, but not in a way that would look strange on the tabletop.

The most noticeable variation between the selections I have ordered to date would be the archers. I had intended to mix a couple of Eureka archers among a unit of Newline figures to add a bit of nudity variety. However, the hight and heft of the Eureka figures mark them out as veritable musclemen besides the Newline range. I'd not rule out using the Eureka archers, but I wouldn't mix them on the Newline bases.

Next up on the painting table: charioteers and warriors, and nudie javelin skirmishers.

Sunday 10 January 2021



With the New Year in, 2021's ProjectTroy is under way; in a very small way at least. I have ordered 60-odd 28mm figures (more than all the other 28mm miniatures I currently own combined) from Foundry, Newline, Eureka and Lucid Eye to field a 750 point army of Trojans for Fantastic Battles. Basing them on 60mm wide bases, the same figures will provide options for 100 or 120 point games of l'Art de la Guerre, or one large (or two understrength) division/s for Hail Caesar. Presuming I pull the original plan together, there is them loads of scope to expand!

The first miniature to get some paint is a Trojan prince to serve as the army's warlord. He is - rather ironically - one of the warrior figures from a Foundry 'Achilles' chariot pack. He has fancier armour than any of the other figures in the collection so far, so it was only right that he got to don some royal purple.