Wednesday 13 April 2011

All at Sea - Spanish and Portuguese fleets

Just a couple of snap shots of the second fleet for Irregular Wars: All at Sea, the Spanish and Portuguese.

Spanish large carrick

Spanish galleon

Portuguese galleass

Portuguese small merchant galleon

Portuguese pinnace

Song of Blades and Heroes warband battle honours

I have just launched a new page for my SBH warbands. It can be found by following the link to the right of the blog or by clicking here.

The page will be updated sporadically as my warbands accrue battle honours - both victories and defeats.

Early versions of my warbands have previously been posted here but they have developed somewhat since then. The two active warbands currently on the page are the Ballybogside Volunteers and the Duchess of Cheddar's Own Companye of Foote.

Ballybogside Volunteers

Duchess of Cheddar's Own Companye of Foote