Sunday 28 November 2021

Chariot-mounted thegns for the Red King

Finding myself with a little unexpected time on my hands this weekend I focused my attention on the three Warp[loque] Miniatures beastfolk chariots I've had waiting patiently in the queue. These are one-piece digital sculpts/prints. There are three chariots, each with very distinct crews - and even the composition of the dogs differs. For my Fantastic Battles army of the Red King, these will be vehicles with (I think) the berserk, furious charge, and passenger traits.

The most heroic of the thegns (big-beastfolk-warrior-chaps) is a goat with a mouse charioteer. I gave all the thegns the same Antrim-inspire tartan I am using across the army.

The ram and his squirrel charioteer. The ram's shield is decorated with an Irish trinity knot - one of the other unifying motifs I am using sporadically across the army. I'm not sure that the contrast between the light blue and the dark green is enough to make a convincing shield design.

The wolf and his mouse charioteer. The wolve's shield sharted as just a geometric division, but again I wasn't convinced by the contrast so added a white cross over the top. Does it work? Maybe... The dogs pulling the chariots are somewhere between bulldogs and rottweilers;  I went with a simple rottweiler colour scheme as I felt there was probably already enough going on visually on the bases and I didn't want to mess about with different splodgy patterns.

Wednesday 24 November 2021

Rise of the Moohemoths!

The newest forces to marshal under the banner of the Red King are the moohemoths - monstrous highland bovines augmented with sturdy battle platforms to carry beastlings into battle. In my beastfolk army for Fantastic Battles, these will be used as fantastic beasts with the monstrous, heavy melee weapons and passenger traits. Also shown is a golden hare piper to serve as one of the army's captains.

As with the rest of this force, everything is from Warploque Miniatures - or Warp Miniatures as it seems they have just been renamed. The piper and the beastling crew are from a pack of tiny wee beastfolk spearmen. The two giant cows are from the halfling range. Once again, a joy to paint and a tough range to photograph well...

Monday 22 November 2021

Raising another Beastling levy


A second beastling levy unit is now ready for the beastfolk army of the Red King. Once again, the unit combines Warploque 10mm beastfolk spearmen for the front rank, and archers for the rear two ranks. Splendid miniatures, if hard to photograph!

Sunday 21 November 2021

Fightin' like Trojans - 28mm l'Art de la Guerre

Andrew and I came to blows again this week in another 28mm l'Art de la Guerre Hittite-Trojan clash. Unlike the last encounter between these two armies, this battle really came down to ther wire.

The Trojan centre of heavy spearmen matched up against a mix of Hittite medium spearmen and heavy chariots.

On the Trojan left, the small corp of elite light chariots took on the Hittite chariot archers, both supported by assorted skirmishers and javelineers.

But on the Trojan right, more Hittite heavy chariots rode into over  too many LMI bowmen in the open.

Despite a strong showing at the extreme flanks, and the heavy spearmen holding their own, it was the deployment of the bowmen in the open which proved the undoing for the sons and daughters of Troy. They fought like proverbial Trojans, and died like Homeric ones. The battle came down to a single breakpoint in the end, but it was the Hittites who proved successful.

With this particulat match up, it is clear than my Trojan chariots, despite being elite, are outmatched by their Hittite opponents, and outnumbered almost three to one. My existing strategy of massing them on one flank has not been overly successful. Even in this battle when matched agains the non-elite chariot archers, they were shot at and disordered before the lines closed. Perhaps I should think about splitting both them, and the too-many-bowmen between the flank commands and use them as holding forces rather than spearheads leading the attack?

Sunday 14 November 2021

Goblings vs pointy folk - 10mmFantastic Battles

It was with great pleasure that JB came up over the hills this weekend for a game of Fantastic Battles. He led my standard goblin army against my wyld elves. Mishaps were unfortunate across the boards with disease rife and both armies losing companies to desertion.

Early in the battle, the goblin wolf- and bat-riders swarmed the elvish stag-riders supported by the great eagle. After a couple of melees, both blocks of troops routed, taking a goblin captain and the elvish warlord with them, and leaving the flank wide open.

Likewise, a large unit of goblins and a unit of elvish rangers - caught in the open - fought each other to breaking point.

In the centre, the wyld hunt launched into a hill giant.

But in the end, it was the clash in the woods where more rangers and a tree shepherd took on goblin madcaps and spider-riders was where the battle of resolved. The goblin dice gods abandoned them when it mattered and the elves got the upper hand, scattering the madcaps and breaking the goblin army.

It was nice to have a win after so long, but it was a hard won battle with the elvish army seriously mauled on the path to victory.

Saturday 13 November 2021

Reinforcements for the Red King - 10mm Fantastic Battles

I had a good couple of evenings painting this week, cracking on with the Red King's  Beastfolk army for Fantastic Battles. The army is being built around Warploque Miniature's wonderful 10mm beastfolk range. Although I intend to only use Warploque sculpts in the army, I have been fairly loose in the choice of ranges to support the core of beastlings.

These mushroom men - or shroomlings - are Warploque 3D scultps intended for 28mm games but scaled down to stand 8-9mm tall. They will be used as mindless irregular companies with poison (and perhaps forester?).

The wyrd-sister. I was halfway through painting her as a shrew with a grass cloak when it dawned on my that she is supposed to be a hedgehog... A lovely wee figure all the same.

A squirrel wearing a Scots bonnet - one of the army's captains.

Two companies of mjowls - Warploque's name, but I'm keeping it because there is no better name for such a creature. These are supposed to be 28mm cat-owl gryphon-like critters. Used in a 10mm game, suddenly they become small gryphons (fantastic beasts, fast, flying, militia). I went for a snow leopard feel for their feline end. I am not 100% sure it works, but they will do the trick.

Monday 8 November 2021

Maenads for ProjectBACCHAE

Hold it now and watch the hoodwink
As I make you stop, think
You'll think you're looking at Aquaman
I summon fish to the dish, although I like the Chalet Swiss
I like the sushi 'cause it's never touched a frying pan

Yeah well, it's been running through my head for some reason... And sure, have ever truer words been spoken? Now that is a question. 

It has been a busy and tricky last few weeks, but I have finally been able to finish up my 28mm Eureka maenads for my Fantastic Battles Bacchic army. These ladies form will form the largest melee unit in the army, formed of four irregular companies with berserk (racial trope), doughty, furious charge and stimulants.