Monday, 1 April 2013

Knights should never charge formed foot...

It is an established understanding among those interested in ancient and early medieval warfare that when mounted troops charge formed foot, they tend to come off second best. Because of the costs involved it is unlikely that the mounted troops will ever have the benefit of superior numbers and once bogged down they can be easily overcome. I would have thought that Artorius, Master of the Horse for the kings of the Romano-Britons would have read up on that. Now I know better...

Song of Arthur and Merlin by Ganesha Games; 600 point warbands using 10mm figures.
The forces are deployed - the Angles in the distance, Arthur and his knights in the foreground.
The battle lines close. Arthur's companion archers try to disorder the Germanic horde.
Initial running-blows by Arthur and his men remove the Anglian bard, the priestess and outlying spearmen.
The Romano-British get cocky and reform, ready to finish their enemy off. 
Æthelwulf turns the tables by leading his shield-wall in a savage charge. 
The Anglian spearmen swamp Arthur and his companions, picking them off one-by-one over several turns.
A grim day for the last companions...
There were a couple of turns where the British cavalry could have attempted to disengage from combat but if they were not all successful it would have meant certain death for those remaining in the melee. I chose to leave everyone in combat and payed dearly for my arrogance. The lesson learned: don't charge (or get within charge range of) formed infantry. Have a little patience and whittle the enemy down from a distance. Let your opponent lose the battle for you.


  1. Those figures look excellent for 10mm, they look more like 15mm!

  2. Beautiful painting and great scenics! I love what you do with 10mm figures - James

  3. Hi. Great blog, glad I found it!
    My proverbial they're 10mm with those paint jobs! They're ace!

    How have you found SAM at 600pts? We tend to play around 450 max, which seems to suit it. Wondering if it starts to grind a bit too much at that size.

    1. Hey Dunc,

      I don't find 600 points a grind at all - it allows one or two quite powerful characters and around ten followers. The forces are still relatively small and the play time is still around 45 minutes to an hour.

      Playing 1,200 point games do tend to grind a little...

  4. Excellent figure painting and overall terrain. I wish my 15mm looked that great!

    And a great AAR - getting outnumbered in SoBH is always a bad thing... Even when you are a knight ;)

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great ! Thanks for sharing