Friday, 11 February 2011

Irregular Wars: Conflict at the World's End release date announced.

We are pleased to announce the first results of the partnership with Vexillia - Irregular Wars: "Conflict at the World's End"

Released on Friday 18th February, these fast play Renaissance rules allow you to recreate the smaller actions so common at the fringes of the European world.

The rules come with army lists for Britain, Ireland, the major European colonial powers, and the peoples of the New World, the East Indies and the Eurasian steppe.

The rules are designed for engagements between c. 1519 to 1641 with forces 500 – 2,000 strong although they can be easily expanded to cover larger battles. The emphasis is on the tactical concerns of command, company resolve, weather & disease.

"Conflict at the World's End" will be published as a pdf bundle in both A4 and US letter versions containing:

  1. Core rule book
  2. 28+ army list book
  3. Play sheet
  4. Set of optional chance cards
  5. Booklet of helpful diagrams

There are free sample pages and army lists available on the books page where you can also place advance orders. Finally, a set of full colour covers for the core rules will be released shortly after launch.


  1. Cool, I've buy this rules. But I'm suprised, there is no african army list. Do you plan it for soon ?

    I've presented your rules on my blog (in french ;) ):

    good luck for this interesting idea ;)


  2. Thank you Stéphane,

    It is wonderful to see the rules transcending the edge of the Anglophone world!

    No immediate plans for any African lists although they are tempting. I have just been looking at some great little 15mm Abyssinian miniatures from Eureka... There is certainly room for expansion in that theatre.