Thursday, 24 February 2011

Irregular Wars - Royal English vanguard arrives

Here are my latest works - half a Royal English battle for Conflict at the World's End. Because of recent time constraints I haven't been in a position to do any fresh painting as such but these companies have all had the work done to them including a little minor converting for the lord's company. The scale is 15mm.

The demi-lancers are Essex English Civil War cuirassiers. I felt that their lances together with the 3/4 armour made them more than suitable for late Elizabethan heavies. The standard bearer has had his lance with pennant removed and replaced by a copper pike with paper flag. I wanted it to look like a real rallying point for the battle so went for 'big'. The Lord has also been converted very slightly by moving the raised right arm and adding a lance. These were originally used as conquistadors but the big St Georges cross certainly confirms their primary purpose from now on will be to serve good Queen Bess.

The border horse are Essex generic 16th century lancers. I had already used the Essex border horse range as my Irish horse so needed something different. These guys looked light compared to the ECW cuirassiers so I swapped their lances for smaller copper wire staves and added shields to make them look close enough for gaming purposes.

The longbowmen are a mix of Essex Elizabethan bowmen and ECW levies with bow. The Elizabethan guys look great but I wanted more than a single pose so the ECW chaps break up the uniformity. These guys were originally bought to support my English adventurers but looked a bit out of place with the 17th century Grumpy buccaneers that made up the rest of the battle.

Coming soon - reinforcements for the mercantile Hollanders!


  1. Very impressive looking little army!

  2. The look really really nice!


  3. Very nice! Love the St John's crosses on the shields of the demi-lancers.