Saturday 26 February 2011

Irregular Wars - Hollander reinforcements

Here are the second batch of recently 'freshened up' companies for Conflict at the World's End. The rules prescribe two compulsory company types that you have to field if you want to run that battle. Then there are a number of optional companies listed of which you choose four. Until now, I only had enough Hollanders to field one set battle, choosing the same options each time. The addition of these brave adventurers gives me a little more choice. The Hollander list tends to result in small numbers of troops on the table, but they are usually of a higher quality and resolve than their enemies. All miniatures are 15mm Grumpy.

The colonial militia pike, composed of Hollanders permanently based at Batavia or some other far flung outpost of the Dutch mercantile empire.

Targeteers (sword and buckler armed men) to help out against all those pesky Portuguese pike blocks.

Crossbowmen - more militia or detached from the fleet.

A second battery of ship's guns. I have yet to run the battle with two artillery batteries - it would really keep down numbers of companies as each battery takes up an option but it might be handy in a defensive position...

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