Tuesday, 4 October 2011

MOAB 2011 (DBA matched pairs comp.)

The Southern Battle Gamers host MOAB (Mother of all Battlegames) over the three-day October long weekend each year (see HERE). This year I was only able to attend the Saturday and took part in the DBA historical matched pairs competition. On the Sunday there was a AD 1067 campaign, but I was pre-booked to drink bier and eat suspiciously shaped German sausages to welcome in Oktober...

The main hall early on Saturday morning... before it got rowdy.
The many many MOAB events take place over three floors of a gymnasium/hall/basketball court. The main floor including stage (pictured), a mezzanine (sort of in the picture), a basement and a bunch of rooms out the back. All manner of games are on offer as competitions, for demonstrations and participation. No Conflict at the World's End this year, but I might see if we can't have a couple of games on the go next year.

In the historic matched pairs competition I managed to scrape into 9th place out of ten entrants. Not my best result yet to be sure.... A photo of each of my games below. I only used my own armies once (Nabataean vs Seleukids), the other games were all played with my opponents' armies.

My vikings take a close 3:4 defeat at the hands of the miserable Welsh.
Radagaisus leads my Ostragoths to victory (4:0), capturing the Late Roman BUA in the first turn.
My Mound-builders were crushed by his Mound-builders (2:5)
My Nabataeans had a bad time of it against the Late Seleukids among the palms (2:4)
The dirty New Kingdom Gypos sweep in to crush my poor Mitanni (0:4)

So, four losses and only one victory. A couple of the defeats were quite close, but by the last game I'm afraid I had lost heart and the Mitanni were doomed... 


  1. Great photos of the DBA tables.

    It has been a few years since I have been at MOAB. I now only wish I was playing DBA more regularly at the time.

  2. The loss of my BUA in the first turn still hurts....