Friday 20 April 2012

Irregular Wars: Conflict at the World's End v.1.5

After many months of play testing, I am delighted to announce the official release of Irregular Wars: Conflict at the world’s End version 1.5.

Irregular Wars: Conflict at the world’s End v.1.5 offers a revised and expanded set of Renaissance rules (focused on the period c.1519 to 1641) to recreate the historically based struggles on your tabletop. For those not too familiar with the period, the rules cover the reigns of Queen Elizabeth, Montezuma and Ivan the Terrible. Irregular Wars: Conflict at the world’s End provides rules and army lists for engagements set around the fringe of the European world – Tudor Britain and Ireland, the major European colonial powers, and the peoples of the New World, the East Indies and the Eurasian steppe.

The basic rules of version 1.5 have retained the fun and fast mechanisms found in the original game. Rather than focusing on the minutiae of individual casualties and armour based saving throws, the core game mechanic is based on the resolve of individual companies given their changing situation as the game progresses. When a company’s resolve drops too much, it ceases to function as a tactical unit and is removed from play, regardless of actual casualties.

However, version 1.5 has a few changes that will result in a better game.
* Amended battle lists change the in-game performance of several company types such as reiters and armed mobs.
* Nine new nationalities and factions including Coureur des Bois, East Africans and Ming Chinese.
* New scenario rules for set piece actions, raids on villages and livestock, ambushes and breakthroughs.
* Minimum numbers of troops prevents poor recruitment dice from completely ruining your game.
* New mishaps can befall your companies and mess up your carefully laid deployment before the game even begins.
*The core rules document is now formatted as an A5 pdf booklet. The smaller page size is ideal for ebook readers and tablets as well as traditional hard copies.

I hope that these changes will been seen as advantageous to the game and look forward to hearing feedback from the community. The purchase price for the complete rules pdf bundle for new players – core rules, army lists, chance cards, example diagrams and quick reference sheet – remains £6.00 (UK and EU) or £5.00 (rest of the world). However, if you have previously purchased a copy of the rules from Vexillia Ltd, you are entitled to buy version 1.5 at the reduced rate of £1.20 (UK and EU) or £1.00 (rest of the world) - details at the Vexillia webstore.


  1. Congratulations My Lord Hotspur. Looking forward to another game of these.

  2. Great to hear you are continuing to develop your rules.

    I would be interested in seeing some more battle reports posted here at some stage. It is a fascinating period and prvious posts have been interesting.

  3. Hi,

    Just thought I'd let you know that me and Mr Mersey played a very enjoyable game of Irregular Wars out last night. I've posted a few musings on my blog here:

    I posted a link here because I think you write things up much better than me and you'll be able to give people a far better idea of the game than I ever will.

    Thanks :-)