Saturday, 18 August 2012

SAM-in-10mm project completion

Having painted up four 500 point warbands, I decided that what I really needed was 600 point warbands. the solution - more 10mm craziness. I sourced a few more miniatures that I hadn't been able to find for the original warbands and got to ordering, basing and painting. I present for you the four 'final' warbands for my SAM-in-10mm project. Hopefully I will have inspired a few people out there to break the mold and play skirmish games with their tiny tin men (and women). They are just as good to game with and a damn sight cheaper. They also look ok on the table.

Watch this space for a four game narrative driven mini-campaign based on the apocryphal Annals of St Pius...

All these figures are from Pendraken, the 'knights' are from the Late Roman range, the monk from the Viking range.

All are from the Pendraken Late Roman range.

The beardy Irish are from Magister Militum's Irish range, the woman is Pendraken's Kiera. The wolfhounds are from Eureka's woodland pack. Now I just have to work out what to do with the other 12 doggies I have...

The foot figures are all from Pendraken's Late Roman range. The blond lass on the horse is from Eureka's woodlands pack.


  1. Fantastic job...just starting a 10mm punic wars myself. Could you teel me, how does Magister Militum and Pendraken compare to each other.
    Thanks... Sean

  2. Cheers Sean. I can only comment on Magister Militum Irish and Pendraken Late Romans. Those two lines compare very favourably with the MM Irish being perhaps slightly heftier. I wouldn't have a problem mixing the two lines though.

    However, MM Saxons were spindly little things which appeared far too short and slight when compared to the others, and as such were never used. There is always a chance that the same might apply to other lines but I don't know. At least 10mm figures are very inexpensive to buy small packs to test against each others.

  3. Mr H, wow great paint job. nice photographs as well.

  4. Very nice indeed

    Take care