Friday 12 July 2013

Painted 15mm ancient civilians

Here is a quick snap showing some of the recently painted citizenry of Antiocheia Mikros - my 15mm scale ancient cityscape. These figures come from a range of different manufacturers but I hope you'll agree they all work perfectly well together. From left to right: three Xyston women from the women and youths camp followers pack, a Xyston Athenian oarsman/rower, a Xyston priest (with sacrificed goat) from the Seleukid command pack, a Donnington Arab merchant and camel, a Donnington Roman senator from the civilian pack, a Corvus Belli Roman scribe from the engineers pack, a Mick Yarrow Assyrian girl carrying a water pot and the Lurkio Moorish javelineer who seems to have snuck into the shot despite already appearing earlier as a potential gladiator...


  1. I'm a little unclear as to the game to be played with these superb buildings and the great figure collection. Are you planning Gladiator games or clashes in a portion of a Roman city/town?

    1. It is all for a game I am working on for Ganesha Games, SSD. Essentially it is for civil unrest and mob violence in the ancient world. The gladiators will be able to be used in that context, but I will also use them in strictly gladiator v. gladiator arena battles (using a different set of rules).