Friday, 21 February 2014

6mm Seleukid megalomania: "Antiochos, the great King, the legitimate king, the king of the world..."

"I am Antiochos,  the great King, the legitimate king, the king of the world, king of Babylon, king of all countries, the caretaker of the temples Esagila and Ezida, the first son of King Seleukos the Macedonian, king of Babylon..."

This less-than-understated introduction comes from a cuneiform text presenting the Seleukid king Antiochos I as a Babylonian ruler with all of the traditional titles of the old Babylonian kings. But what a great way to introduce such a colourful and multi-national army. This is now technically my 'complete' Seleukid army for Hail Caesar. It is 600 points worth divided into four divisions. That said, I already have figures for a couple more cavalry units ordered... I am finding 6mm gaming rather addictive.

I have previewed various units in the past as and when they were ready and I found the time. Now I am happy to show the 'full' army in all of its very small glory. The army is intended to represent an early Seleukid force for somewhere between about 281 BC (the accession of Antiochos I) until around 205 BC (the presumed date of Antiochos III's adoption of cataphract cavalry). 

Nominally it is the Army of the young Antiochos III but I'd be equally happy running it as an earlier force of splitting it in two to fight games between the feuding brothers Seleukos II and Antiochos Hierax. By using the heavily armoured Agema and xystophoroi cavalry as cataphracts and the thorikitoi as imitation Roman legionaries, I could potentially us this army in latter scenarios as well.

The Seleukid high command - Baccus Macedonian officers with Rapier trumpeter
The Agema and Companion cavalry - Baccus successor agema
Xystophoroi heavy cavalry - Baccus successor agema with a few Persian satrapal guard and successor cataphracts
Xystophoroi heavy cavalry - Baccus successor agema with a few Persian satrapal guard and successor cataphracts
Katoikoi medium cavalry - Baccus Italians
Iranian light cavalry - Baccus Aracosians
Iranian light cavalry - Baccus Persian cavalry
Tarantine light cavalry - Baccus Numidian horse
Dahae horse archers - Rapier Skythians
Arab light horse - Baccus Mahdist cavalry
Arab camelry - Rapier Persian camels
Scythed chariots - these beauties are Rapier chariots but had to have the original shafts cut off and replaced to enable the horses to fit.
Elephants with archer escorts -Rapier and Baccus successor elephants with Rapier archers
Elephants with archer escorts - Baccus successor elephants with Baccus Persian archers
Agyraspidai (Silver Shield) pikemen - Rapier with Baccus command
Katoikoi pikemen - Rapier with Baccus command
Thorakitai medium infantry - Rapier Roman principes
Galatian medium warband - Baccus Gauls with Baccus Dwarf command
Iranian archer light infantry - Baccus Persian archers
Kilikian light infantry - Baccus Numidian infantry
Iranian light infantry - Rapier Persians
Arab light infantry - Baccus Mahdist infantry with Mahdist camels
Kretan skirmishers - Rapier archers
Iranian archer skirmishers - Baccus Persian archers and slingers
Asiatic slingers - Rapier slingers
Asiatic slingers - Rapier slingers


  1. Brilliant!
    I can´t imagine the cost (in time and money) of this army in 28mm...

    1. An awful lot I suspect. There are about 120 figures just on the cavalry there so far.

  2. So impressive! Beautiful units!!

  3.! That is such a fantastic model army! I am jealous I don't think I could even get 6mm mounted on the base right much less do such a great paint job. Well done!!!

  4. What size bases are you using for 6mm Hail Ceasar?

    1. 40mm frontage for small units, 80mm frontage for large units (and for skirmishers in open order).

      My scythed chariots are on 30mm bases.