Sunday, 18 May 2014

Dux Bellorum foederati shieldwalls

Continuing on my slow plod towards raising a couple of Dux Bellorum armies, here are a couple of shots of my Germanic foedarati shieldwalls that will bulk out my Romano-British infantry. Although my Romano-Brits will have an overall red colour scheme, I have made these guys blue to a) distinguish them as 'different' from their comrades, and b) in case I decide to do a fully fledged Saxon army in the future, they will provide me with a core.

The shieldwall on the right is my SAM Anglian warband rebased. All figures are Pendraken from their Late Roman range and include figures from both the Saxon militia and Roman militia packs, led by characters from the Arthurian personalities pack. One Saxon has had his spear replaced by a boar standard. I will used them as a regular shieldwall.

The shieldwall on the right is made up principally of Pendraken Norse figures and include a mix of berserkers, bondi and hirdmen. The command are made up of a late Roman officer converted to hold a severed head, a late Roman standard bearer (standard inspired by the Sutton Hoo stag sceptre), and the same character from the Arthurian personalities pack who leads the other shieldwall, accept with a bit of conversion work. Riding along the back of this unit is a Saxon priestess - really a converted sorceress riding a unicorn by Eureka. I'll use this unit as a noble shiledwall.
Sutton Hoo whetstone 'sceptre'
Sutton Hoo. Lookin' atcha!


  1. Beautiful units and great post!

  2. Very beautiful colors!
    What is the size of the stand? 40 or 60mm??

    I love this shades!

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  4. Very nicely painted. You can't beat 10mm for cramming them onto those bases. I settled on 60x40 so I could squeeze in a third line

  5. Lovely bases, congratulations.

  6. Great looking units you have here, I really like the tones/shades of blue you painted on these figures they really look nasty and ready for heavy hard fighting against their enemies. excellent!

  7. Awesome work! Love the detail you achieve on the clothes

  8. Having painted 10mm figures myself, I wish I was able to paint faces as well as you do. Excellent work!