Sunday 21 December 2014

Changes to Vexillia's sale of PDFs

Vexillia Ltd handle the sale of digital copies of Irregular Wars: Conflict at the World's End. Changes the the way VAT is applied to digital goods within the European Union have meant that smaller businesses like Vexillia have had to reconsider how they will sell their products. The following post is an abridgment of several posts made my Vexillia through social media over the past month. I wanted to repeat these points here so that IW:CatWE players are made aware of how these changes will effect the pdf sales of the game.

"On 01 January 2015 the EU will introduce new VAT legislation covering the sale of digital goods such as pdfs and ebooks. This is not good news. The real issue is the data collection and retention rules that accompany these changes. They are onerous in the extreme.

As a result I have today moved nearly all the pdfs previously on sale here to the Wargame Vault portal. Sadly, I've had to increase the prices to cover the cost of using the portal. The shop pages have been updated with appropriate links.

The one exception is v2.0 of Conflict At The World's End where I will continue to handle orders until the end of the year. This is mainly to keep the price as low as possible and to offer low cost upgrades. At the end of the year this too will be switched to the Wargame Vault... 

From 01 Jan 2105 overseas customers will pay the same price as EU customers. I know this subject confuses many customers but put simply, as we will be not be registered for VAT we cannot offer VAT free prices like we used to. The current VAT free prices will remain in place until 31 Dec 2014 so there's a limited opportunity to order at lower prices...

Conflict At The World's End v2.0 (Pdf Upgrades)... the upgrade offer will end on 31 Dec 2015 as to date I can't see a way to offer an upgrade via Wargame Vault.

I am currently investigating how to apply discounts on Wargame Vault. So far I've only managed to find discount codes for who have bought Vexillia pdf through Wargame Vault which isn't that helpful. I'll keep looking."

What does this all mean? Well, really there are two things to be aware of:

1) While previously there where different prices for EU customers compared to those from the rest of the world, there will now only be a single price.

2) The existing 'Upgrade' offer, where customers that had bought an earlier version could upgrade to the latest version for a minimal price, looks like it will become unavailable from 1st January 2015. I know this service is appreciated, and I have been delighted to see numerous returning customers coming back for the upgrades, but it seems that Wargame Vault will not support the existing system used by Vexillia.

The rules will of course remain available at normal price through both Amazon (hard copies) and Vexillia via Wargame Vault (pdfs), but if you have been thinking of upgrading but have not yet done so, I'd  advise you to do it in the next week, before the option becomes unavailable.

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