Sunday, 26 April 2015

Bread and Circuses - a wee bit of fun

A few of us got together last  night for a massive 6mm ancient engagement. But before the main event, the lads indulged me by playing a six chariot game of Bread and Circuses which I photographed and stop-motioned together. 

Unlike most of out previous games, there was little aggression on the part of the players this time. A couple of chariots collided, but nobody intentionally tried to drive another into a wall.

Faustus Furius of Rome
Hektor of Troy
Seti of Memphis
Crixus of the Belgae
Sargon of Ur
Darius of Ekbatana

Seti swooped in to victory, followed by Hektor. I am afraid the other competitors left the track on stretchers.

This wee bit of fun sums up our 15 minute race in 30 seconds. Before anybody asks, the music is Hans Zimmer's 'The Battle' from the Gladiator soundtrack, and no, I do not own copyright.

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