Sunday 31 May 2015

Seleukids on the march

Well, somehow it transpired that I never bothered myself to get the chickenpox when I was a kid. Even when my friends or my brother had it, I was just never that 'into' contagious diseases and didn't catch it.

Just over two weeks ago, my son got it. Now I am ridden with the pox and I'm not a happy camper; blisters everywhere, including one in one of my eyes. 

On the upside, it looks like I'll be off work a little while and I've already managed to paint four more infantry units for my 6mm Seleukids project/obsession. I thought I'd just pop 'em all out on the table to see how it's getting on.

My conclusions: I think I need more heavy cavalry. My cavalry already dominates the battlefield - and might be able to take on all my opponents' cavalry together with a fighting chance - but it just feels like I need more. It's not that I'm addicted to cavalry, I can stop any time I want to.

This army roster shows the current state of play. For anyone who is interested, it takes into account our universal use of commanders with leadership values of 9, and the bloc adoption of 'feigned flight' for mounted units and light infantry, and 'steady' for heavy infantry. 

I still have two units of light cavalry on the shelf waiting to be painted. If I add a few heavy cavalry units as well, that aught to bring me up to 1000 points ... and then there are the hoplites and Samnites also on the shelf which I will use to convert the Hellenistic core of the army into the forces of Pyrrhos of Epeiros.