Thursday 4 June 2015

Poxy gaming

Pox-ridden though I may be (chickenpox that is), there was nothing that was going to stop my oldest friend visiting us during a trip up from the Antipodes. I have been in no fit state to go anywhere with him, but handily enough, he was something of a wargamer himself during his teens and twenties, so over the course of a couple of days, we player multitudionous games. Below are only a couple of photos from some of our games of Song of Shadows and Dust and Galleys & Galleons.

Josh was one of the proof readers of SSD, but had never played it, so it was a delight to see how much he enjoyed the narrative feel of the games we had.  In this shot, my Antiochene militia had been caught spread out around the town. Here you can see the grizzled Captain Pyrrhos trying to get his squad to form up again.

During a later game, Pyhrros and the lads from the militia had to fight off an attack from the zealous gang known as the "Thunder of Ba'al" who set the militia drinking hole alight. It was a close run game, but luckily, the enemy faction was driven off and the fire extinguished before too much permanent damage was done.

 These shots are from the tongue-in-cheek "Treasure Islands" scenario in G&G. Opposing fleets (written fro two-four players) race to explore three islands, looking for treasure. All my fleet found was hungry natives, while Josh managed both treasure and a rum-stash. In the end, although running a greatly reduced fleet, he managed to scraped a victory on points out of that game. Above, my VOC sloop is boarded by his pirate cutters. Below are my VOC Indiaman and VOC cromster.


  1. I have to commend your buddy playing with you in your condition. Hope you're better soon. Great looking ships and figures.