Friday 22 January 2016

Downtown Berytos - street racing with Bread and Circuses

My 6mm street track for chariot racing is finished and, I'd like to think, it's pretty nice. I intentionally went for a robust, blocky feel, with minimal detail. I want the attention to be on the racers, not on the streetscape.

The buildings started as cheap wooden blocks which were glued into assorted house shapes and them received a rough smothering of crack-filling wall putty. I always call it spakfilla, because that is the Australian brand I used to practically build/repair my first appartment, but it goes by many names and is easily found in hardware stores.

Everything got a priming cover of dark brown paint, followed by two top coats of textured off white to look like lime-washed mud-brick. I then used left over tiled roof segments from my 15mm ancient city (oo gauge Spanish roof tiles for train sets from memory) to add tiled roofing to my two shrines.

A quick set up of a hypothetical racing circuit, complete with short cut through the alleyway. I'm quite happy with that.

... and it all fits in a small tub!


  1. Street racing with chariots? Hold on, I have to send some desperate pleas to Vin Diesel...

    I do love what you've done with the terrain.