Monday 22 February 2016

Pendraken Painting Competition 2016

Unbelievably, if is nearing the end of February already! Every year, one of my favourite manufacturer, Pendraken, host a painting competition in February which is supported by very generous prizes and generally attracts tons of high quality entries.

I've been mostly distracted by 6mm projects and Galleys & Galleons over the last last year, so the amount of Pendraken lead that I have managed to paint since the last competition is minimal. However, I do have a couple of Pendraken sculpts, painted up for the G&G fantasy expansion that I'll pop in - but not hold my breath.

Daughters of Ægir – Norse personifications of the waves, the nine sisters were the daughters of the giant, Ægir, and the sea goddess, Rán. (Pendraken code FAN-MON3 Water elementals)
Q3 C3
Creature, Magical: Hydromancer, Shallow draft, Spectral, Submersible

Triton – A Greek sea deity, the son and herald of Poseidon, lord of all the Seas, Triton conveyed his father’s wishes to all those creatures who swam in his domain. (Pendraken code FF1 Neptune)
Q3 C4
Alpha creature, Ramming, Submersible

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