Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Itty bitty chariots

Faustus Furius is a scale agnostic racing game for chariots/vehicles of any period or culture. Due to spacial considerations, and compounded by my love of 6mm, I decided to build up my collection racing chariots in this fine is diminutive scale. 

For a decent race, you'll need at least four chariots. There are seven balanced classes of chariot in the game, each of which have their own positive and negative attribute. For playtesting, I decided I needed to have two racers of each class to allow players the freedom to choose their preferred playing style.

Below are some pretty rough photographs of each of my little guys showing both their active and crashed forms. It is feasible to just mark a chariot with a crash marker in the game, but obviously a crashed chariot looks... well ... crashed.

Mycenaean 'Standard' chariot from Rapier Miniatures
Hittite 'Standard' chariot from Rapier Miniatures
British 'Agile' chariot from Rapier Miniatures
Irish 'Agile' chariot from Baccus Miniatures with a Baccus female civilian
Chinese 'Archer' chariot, converted from a variety of Rapier Miniatures chariot packs (Egyptian chassis, Indian crew and horses, Seleukid wheels)
Egyptian 'Archer' chariot from Rapier Miniatures
Roman 'Fast' chariot from Irregular Miniatures
Iranian 'Fast' chariot/carpet using Baccus Miniatures Madhist artillery crew and a scratch built carpet 
Sumerian 'Heavy' chariot from Rapier Miniatures
Sea Peoples 'Heavy' chariot from Rapier Miniatures
Roman 'Heavy Archer' chariot, a converted carroballista using Rapier miniatures Roman artillery and a Sumerian onager cart
Indian 'Heavy Archer' chariot from Rapier Miniatures
Seleukid 'Scythed' chariot from Rapier Miniatures
Persian 'Scythed' chariot converted from Baccus Miniatures Persian royal chariot and scythed chariot kits
Mobs using Baccus Miniatures civilians.

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