Thursday 6 October 2016

Oh the fame!

As many readers will be aware, Rick Priestly of Hail Caesar fame (I'm reliably informed that he's also written some other stuff... ;) ), together with John Lambshead, recently published new rule book for wargaming. Not a wargame itself, but a handbook for wargame designers: Tabletop wargames: A Designers' & Writers' Handbook (2016, Pen & Sword).

I fully expected that Andrea Sfiligoi and Ganesha Games would warrant a mention in the volume, and indeed he does, with all Andrea mentioned in text and Ganesha titles making it into the bibliography. 

However, what I wasn't expecting was that I would be mentioned, specifically relating to Song of Shadows and Dust. Of course, they get the name muddles up a little in text (correct in the bibliography), but all the same... it's rather nice to get a mention and to be used as an example.


  1. I'm a great fan of song of shadows and dust. Fraid is me that keeps reversing the name. Just sounds better that way. :-)

  2. Thank you John! A pleasure to hear that. :)

  3. The game inspired me to buy a load of Foundry Roman civilians. I am also a fan of Fabbri's Crossroads short stories about the gangs of ancient Rome.