Sunday 11 December 2016

Inniskillings on the warpath

Phase one of my French Indian War project is now finished up. I hope to get a few games of Song of Drums and Tomahawks and Sharp Practice 2  with these chaps in the new year and then get another 16 fusiliers to bring me up to a full force for SP2.

The redcoats are panted up to be from what would have been my local regiment, the 27th Inniskilling Fusiliers. In this uniform they served against the Jacobite uprising (1745-46) and against the French and Spanish in North America and the Caribbean from 1756-1767. They later returned to the colonies to take on the rebels during the American Revolution.

Also featured are half a dozen civilians - one with a long barreled hunting rifle - and the dozen Mohawk whom I have shown previously.


  1. THey look superb, and rocks on the bases are a nice touch!

  2. nice figs well painted and presented however my real reason for posting is that whenever I hear the name the inniskillings I cannot help but think of an article written many many years ago in the wargamers newsletter called "I'm worried about the inniskillings" a truly inspirational piece of writing. I have a copy stored on my blog . Really recomend it . It's a great read.

  3. That's a great wee post! Very good. :)

  4. where do you bought the miniatures?
    They are fabulous

  5. Funny, I've paint the same minis for the same regiment for the same game :D