Sunday 7 May 2017

Oh my! Galleys & Galleons from Small Ox Miniatures!

Gareth Nicholas is a fine digital 'sculptor' who creates his own amazing miniatures and has them 3D printed. He has a wee shop page on Shapeways - Small Ox Miniatures - where you can order prints of his designs. He has previously shown a few of his 15mm sculpts on the Song of Blades and Heroes FriendFace page and I've always been impressed by his work; it doesn't half help that he is an utterly splendid painter as well.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that he has just shown off his recent designs of 1/900 scale ships for Galleys & Galleons - three designs each (so far) for humans and elves. Try to look past the fantastic brush work and enjoy the great detail in those tiny wee ships.

I think they are really charming and well worth looking into if you are embarking on a new Galleys & Galleons journey, or if you already sail in 1/900 and want to pick up a few more vessels. You can find more close up shots of the vessels on Gareth's own blog HERE.