Saturday 5 August 2017

SSD faction leader in a litter

I recently picked up this Xyston 15mm pack which is supposed to represent the diadoch Antigonos Monophthalmos (One-Eye). Antigonos had been left as the satrap of Phrygia as Alexander continued east, and was one of the major players in the power vacuum left by Alexander's death. He obviously had lost an eye somewhere along the way, but I don't recall any specific reference to him being carried into battle on a litter - he died at the battle of Ipsos (301 BC) leading his phalanx on foot at the age of 81. Regardless, the model is great and I couldn't pass up the opportunity of having it feature in the streets of Antiocheia Mikros. In Song of Shadows and Dust, I would give him the following profile:

Faction leader in litter (52 points)
Q3 C3; Clumsy, Group Fighter, Leader, Short Move

As I was paying postage anyway, I also picked up some Jewish archers to be generic Jews or Arabs with bows, and some Greek hamippoi as Greeks with swords.

As a quick and badly framed photo of all 46 models (+ chickens) in my SSD collection - not including the 10 gladiators who are elsewhere with my Blood, Sweat and Cheers stuff.

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